Friday, 21 December 2012

My Top Five of 2012

At first when I saw this idea Gillian had of putting together a top five, I thought I'd give it a miss.
But when I saw my fellow bloggers' lists, I got inspired and decided to make my own.

I ended up enjoying it- it's like a pat on the back, and it's great to focus on the positive!  I DID make some things I'm proud of this year!  I CAN do it!  Even though I'm a newbie I will continue to improve.  Bring on 2013! :)

So here are my top five- all firsts in some way.

The Taffy blouse- my first experience with a bias cut top, and chiffon.  I'm so happy it worked out!
I would quite like to make this top again...

New Look 6808- Oh boy did I learn a lot here.  My first experience trying to fit a top and much blood sweat and tears as I went it alone.  Okay, I did have the internet, but that's not an ideal way to learn, I've decided, lol.  Again, another top I would like to make again!  (Gotta make all that hard work fitting it worth it!)

My Miette!  Of course!!  I knitted my first garment, of which I am very proud.  I'm now an addicted knitter, thanks to this experience.  And of course I am forever grateful to Gail who hosted the Miette Knitalong with me!  She is my wise teacher :)

The Renfrew top.  My first time sewing with knit fabric and my first Sewaholic pattern.  I know this pattern has a lot of fans in the blogosphere (lol, that word), and rightly so!  Alright I'll say it again- yet another pattern I want to make more of :)

And last but not least- the Wool Circle Skirt- my first self drafted pattern.  

So there we have it, my top five.  I'm not a high volume sewer so at first I wasn't even sure I'd have enough finished projects, but whaddayaknow, I did!  And you know what?  I even like them.  There, I like some things I've made.  Success! 

Oh and of course, Merry Christmas to everyone- see you in the New Year.
To get a bit sappy, I really love hearing from all of you and getting inspired by all the neat stuff you do!  Thanks everyone :)

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