Friday, 14 December 2012

Yaaaaay, Knitting Complete!

Well, well, well.  Guess who finally completed Milena?
This thing took me forever!  By my count, it took me three months!  Gee, no wonder I feel like I haven't been putting out many projects lately.  This thing has been sucking up all my time!
But I'm so glad... it turned out cute!

Thank you to my friend Yuko for taking lovely photos!
And thanks to the Wellington wind for keeping my hair a mess...
See my copious Ravelry notes here if you like.  I am looking forward to a less complex project next time.  As this pattern was so light on details I had to think a lot.  And FROG a lot (ick).  Hopefully that means I learned a lot?
Let's see, I did my first short rows.  And placed my own buttonholes, as well as deciding what type to do!

Since I learned to pick up stitches twisted for buttonband ribbing, I did it for the sleeves too.  I think it screwed up my purl side short rows a bit.  Or maybe I was making some other mistake, lol!  They looked a bit holey.

Such a small detail...

Well they WERE holey.  I just sewed them up on the wrong side of the work.  Hee hee.  No-one will know, other than you guys!
Next time I won't pick up my wraps for the sleeves, just like the Craftsy course said.  I thought "Oh I'll be an A+ student and practice picking them up anyway!".  I guess that backfired a little.  No biggy!

Here, have a pic of the back.  I love the sleeves... so romantic and sweet.
In my previous progress post, you can see my neckline is quite high and wavy.  I think I picked up too many stitches.  I did rip back and do less rows which improved the look.  But next time I'll pick up less on the slopes (I picked up something like one for one- too many I think).
When I steam blocked it I kinda smooshed the little bit of remaining waviness together and it seemed to work, hooray!

Detail shot cos why not?
Oh, and I think I'll be adding a snap to the top of the buttonband since there's no buttonhole in the ribbing.  It can tend to gape open.

Note the slight gape!  :O
Okay, enough about my mistakes learning opportunities.
I think this cardigan is totally cute and I think I'll enjoy wearing it!  It's made from 90% cotton, 10% cashmere yarn.  It's very soft and I love the colour.
I'm rather proud of my second cardigan especially after all the work I put into it.
Oh and did you notice?  I'm wearing it with a skirt I made!

Hey, does anyone else get a voice in their head saying "Well, after all that work, you better not wear it!  It might get ruined!!"  lol! 
Of course the flip side of that is "You'd better wear it every chance you get to make the effort worth it!"
I think I'll try to just... wear it and enjoy it.  :)

I liked this photo since it looks so triumphant!  I did it!!!

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