Monday, 14 January 2013

Knitted Work in Progress: Mary Jane

Right now I'm working on Mary Jane, a top-down raglan pattern.

I always look through the finished projects page on Ravelry to check out what other users had to say about the pattern before I attempt my own.

One of the major issues people seem to have is the neckline turning out too low.  I think it's mainly an issue on the larger sizes, as on all sizes of the pattern, the neckline is cast on in the same row you put the sleeves on scrap yarn.
So for larger busts, you do more increases, thus more rows to get to the armholes, so the neckline ends up lower.  I think.  lol.

So with this in mind I decided to raise the neckline slightly (only two rows though).  But it looks like that's not the biggest neckline problem I have:

Look at it droop!
My thoughts on this are:
-Maybe with more rows of knitting, it would firm up.  I'm none too sure on this though
-Perhaps, when the ribbing is added too, that would help.  Again, not convinced.
-What if the cast on is the problem?  (I used backwards loop- not firm enough?)
-Did casting it on slightly higher accentuate the width issue?  (I don't think I want it lower though!)

What I'm mainly thinking though is I just need to cast on less stitches!  Do you have any thoughts?

The other issue I need to rip back and fix is the armholes- I'm not sure they'll feel good this high.

I don't know if I'm comfortable showing my armpit to the world, but there you have it.

Another thing someone mentioned was the recommended yardage was skimpy, so eep!  Hopefully I have enough.  The bad thing about the top down construction is I can't save yarn by opting for less full sleeves- they're knitted in already!

As for ease, this top is designed for 0-3" of ease.  I'm thinking I'll go for 1-2" of negative ease, as I'd like to save yarn, as well as for a more flattering shape (well, hopefully).  So I'll be adding in some waist shaping too!

I've been a bit stymied by the neckline but I'm looking forward to getting back into it!  Just gotta get over that neckline- what do you guys think about it?  :)

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