Monday, 21 January 2013

Wellington Bloggers Do It Again

Well, we did it again!
Just a quick post from me to say, meeting other bloggers rules.   We had lots of fun!

The challenge was to make something we got from our last meet-up.  I decided on the vintage pattern I nabbed last time- another post on that yet to come.   I'm really pleased with it so yes, I will be blathering on about it sometime soon.

We had a picnic lunch at the botanical gardens- so yummy!

Here we posed school-photo style.  I have a talent for never looking at the camera in group photos.

And proof we got up to silliness, here we are doing Blue Steel (or attempting to):

Check out other people's posts on the event for a less lazy account of events (lol). 
Here are Kat's, and Juliet's posts.

The bloggers were:
Maryanne from Sent from my iRon and also of Made on Marion
Nikki from Nikki's Stitches
Emily of Calico Stretch

Thanks everyone!  It was great- I only wish it was longer! :)

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