Saturday, 20 April 2013

Small Victories

Okay, I admit it, I've been in a sewing slump lately.  I'm still looking for that confidence- the motivation to sew is low if I don't feel that I can rely on a good end result.
Hopefully I'll have a post for you soon featuring that bugbear of mine- fitting.  I bet you're excited to see a boring old toile, right?? :P

On the positive side though, I finally figured out how to do buttonholes on my old (oh, I mean vintage, sounds much fancier) Bernina.
It wasn't easy, figuring out the cryptic instructions from the old manual.  It was oddly filled with typos and kept changing what it called certain parts of the machine!

See the evolution of my buttonholes:

I finally got 'em figured out (I think), and tried out reinforcing my Miette buttonband with ribbon like I've seen fancy people do.

Honestly though, I don't think it made that much difference, lol.  Such a lot of work for not much result.  Well, it's all about the learning I suppose!

Before I added the ribbon, I also took apart the top of the neckline ribbing (eep, I know!), because I felt it was too low in the back neckline (see here).  I added a few rows to make it higher.  I wish I'd thought to make the top buttonhole higher though since it gapes a little at the top now.  Whoops!

Isn't it kind of funny that the thing that pushed me to learn another sewing skill was knitting?

In more knitting news, I am working away on my Agatha cardigan, but I'm far too coy to show you an in-progress shot.  I wanted to be all like "Oh, by the way, SURPRISE, I finished this whole cardigan without you even knowing!".  But I can't resist tiny bit of show and tell.
Here's the swatch- I love that lace pattern!

Hope you all doing better with your sew-jo than me- any inspiration welcome of course, haha!

Oh!  P.S.  My husband just informed me that double spacing after full stops is wrong??  The internet seems to back this up.  Disturbing indeed...It seems I was taught wrong.  Any punctuation nerds out there- weigh in, lol :)

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