Monday, 12 August 2013

Are We Still Excited About Renfrews?

I guess I am, cos I keep makin' 'em! So for this one I did a little experiment, and tried to mod the pattern.

Where's the mod?? Patience, I'll get to it.
I wouldn't say it was a success, but it certainly wasn't a failure. Maybe just a learning experience.
It seems I can't resist tweaking things and having an experiment.
I saw this pin on Pinterest and decided to have a go:
From here
So, yeah, I decided to mod the sleeve, using a one-picture diagram and no written instructions, even though I'd never done anything like that before. Such a good idea!
Even though the diagram says darted I decided it was going to be pleated. After all, I said to my husband, "a pleat is just a skanky dart." He didn't get it... Well, I felt clever.

I didn't even know how much volume to add, I just guessed. Also, I decided I only wanted two of the pleats, but I'd already slashed through the middle like the diagram, so then I slashed more and rotated and UGH it took way longer than it should have, haha.
Anyway, when I sewed it up, the pleats looked like sad little puckers, so I redid them as a single pleat in the centre. It looks less like a mistake now, but honestly, it doesn't really do anything for me. Hah!

These look really lame to me.
Here it is as one pleat, and it's okay I guess. lol :P
It seems to me that if you're going to add in a pleat, either go big, or don't bother. However, I think if you went bigger, you'd want more than one pleat, as a big one in the centre would stick out horizontally, and look weird. For the record, I added about 2cm width for each pleat.

So that was my little experiment...I hope my next experiment is more successful!

The best thing about this project is that I got the fabric really cheap on sale, and I had enough leftover to make something else. Oh yeah, and it'll be a good wardrobe basic I guess. lol! And it's a merino, which is a nice and warm.
I do feel a bit boring posting more and more Renfrews, but you'll have to deal with it because I'm going to make more. With even more modding experiments (well, that's the dream!)
By the way, it just occurred to me that not everyone on the planet knows what a Renfrew is. Why it's the Sewaholic Patterns knit top that everyone loves!

This is my "Just another Renfrew, so deal with it!" pose.
So, do you think this kind of experiment is worthwhile? :)

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