Sunday, 29 September 2013

Completed: New Look 6799

Woo! A new sewing project! It feels like it's been a while, but I assure you this has not transformed into a knitting blog. :)
I only just noticed I'm pulling a weird face here! lol
The weather wasn't playing nice so the lighting's a bit rubbish, but with rain forecast for the next few days, I had to get my pics before the deadline!

I wanted to participate in Fall for Cotton, the fun sewalong that's been on this month, run by Rochelle and Tasha. Well, here in New Zealand it's more like Spring for Cotton, but either way, it's the perfect excuse to make a vintage-style dress in cotton. 
I used New Look 6799, a pattern I have made once before. It's not vintage, but I think it has a vintage vibe for sure (1950s I would think?). It was crying out for some contrast accents in the yoke and waistband already, but the fact was, I didn't have enough of the floral fabric for a whole dress! So therefore adding accents was the perfect plan- I added in the hem contrast not just because it looks sweet, but also because of my fabric limitations. Ooh it feels good using every last scrap. lol!

I really did fall for cotton in this project. I feel like my projects for the last wee while have been of trickier fabric, but this crisp, stable fabric was a dream to work with! It makes me want to hoard quilting cotton and sew cotton forever!!

I didn't change much fit-wise from my previous version, but I tried to even out the way the waistband tilted to the back. Garments love tilting on me.

Here, the wind is creating a petticoat for me.
I simply added a bit of length to the centre front, tapering to nothing at the centre back. It worked, but I could have added even more, I think!
I also added a bit of extra ease at the side seams. Why? Well, I figured that this dress is lined in cotton, but the first one I made was lined with slippery lining fabric, which glides over the body better. Now I don't know if this logic is sound, but there it is. Any thoughts, fellow seamstresses? 
I do feel I went a little overboard with the ease, so it's a little looser than it needs to be (d'oh!), but I don't think anyone will notice but me! The waistband is on the bias, which lets it hug into the waist quite nicely.

So I was feeling pretty good about my sewing as I was making this. And then, while trimming the waistband seams... I cut a tiny hole in the waistband!!! Cue panic mode!! I'm sure you all understand the pain this caused me. 

But then (after a mourning period), I came to my senses and said, "I can fix this! This is just a test from the sewing gods, and by gum, I'm going to show them what's what!" 
First I patched the back of it with interfacing and a few dodgy stitches around the outside to stop it coming apart. 
My idea was to create a new design detail.
So that my friends, is the story of why my dress now has belt loops! Phew, sanity and dress saved! Too bad I don't have a matching belt (yet!). 

Pointing out where the secret hole is.

There are some really lovely details in this pattern, the yoke neckline is lovely, and look! I made self covered buttons and rouleau loops. I couldn't put them in the last time I made this pattern because of the horribly fray-prone fabric, but this time I could and I adore that detail! The best thing is I can leave them fastened and get into the dress simply using the zipper. That's nice and easy :)
I put the zipper in by hand. It's another check mark in the vintage-inspired theme of the sewalong. :)

Hem detail. Hand stitched hem, and zig zagged seams.
I lined the bodice as per instruction, with a white cotton, lighter weight than the white used as the accents. 
One thing I changed- I didn't use the main fabric to face the yoke with. I did that (as per the pattern instruction) last time and thought it was a little bulky, so this time I used the lining fabric for the facing. I think it worked well!
Like last time, I also added interfacing to the waistband. But I didn't bother to line the skirt portion of the garment like in my previous version! This fabric had more body and wasn't ever-so-slightly sheer like that horrible polyester.

So there are two things this dress clearly needs: a sweet patent leather belt in either white or pink (I think I deserve to treat myself to one after fixing my waistband whoopsy). Anyone know where the perfect belt is hiding, btw? The other thing it needs is a petticoat to give it that delicious vintage floof factor.

And lookit! It goes nicely with my Miette cardigan, don't you think?

I know this is the worst/weirdest photo ever. That's why I had to put it in!
Listen guys, I'm really proud of this dress, not just because omg pink and flowers are amazing, but because I fixed a stupid mistake without too much drama... I think I'm making progress on the self-criticism which I posted about a wee while back. I was really blown away by the amazing response from you guys on that.  

Thanks to Rochelle and Tasha for hosting the sewalong. What a great, simple idea to get people inspired! Now bring on summer so I can wear this more!

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