Friday, 22 November 2013

Knit for Victory? Sounds Fun!

So if you guys don't already know, Tasha of By Gum, By Golly is doing a 1940s-inspired knitalong on her blog, and it's called Knit for Victory!
Tasha knits up amazing vintage AND modern patterns, and is a pattern alteration whiz. When I grow up I want to knit like her!
As you may know, I'm a little addicted to knitting, so I couldn't resist having a crack. I've never knitted a vintage pattern so I would love to give it a try!

It has already started, and runs through to the 31st of January, so there's still time!

I have a few vintage knitting patterns on my to-knit list. Check these pretties out:

From Liz at Zilredloh
This is totally cute, it has this beautiful bobble pattern, and I love the shoulder detail and drapey sleeves!

From Liz at Zilredloh
I was dead set on knitting this in a lovely shade of purple, until I realised I'd already SEWN a bow blouse in a lovely shade of purple. Oh dear, I have a one-track style, clearly. So this one has been shuffled back down the list again until I get bow-hungry again, and figure out the perfect non-purple colour it wants to be made in. lol!

From Liz at Zilredloh
Okay, this one is a little costume-y and quirky, but adorable. Maybe one day when I learn colourwork and want to be a goof, I'll make this. C'mon, CHERRIES!

So clearly these patterns are all the bee's knees, but this one jumped up the queue when I saw it:

Source here
Interestingly, it has been published in several decades, the above picture being a 1960s release, and the one below being from the 1950s:

In my mind though it totally has a 1940s feel, what with the gathered shoulder yokes! (And I bet there is a 1940s version floating around somewhere!)
It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the bottom of the cardigan is ribbing, then it moves into a seed stitch pattern for the top half and sleeves.

I can't decide which length I should make. If I make the longer one I think I'll have to add in some shaping to accomodate my larger hips... But maybe it's more versatile longer? HMMM! So many decisions!

Funnily though, what drew me to this pattern is that it's a cardigan. I love cardigans, they seem so much more practical than a pullover. But guess what? The joke was on me; as I studied the pattern I realised the button-up front is a total fake-out! Yes! It's a false buttonband! Gah! I'll have to alter the pattern to make if I want a REAL cardigan!

Let me weigh up the pros and cons of cardigans here:
-Easy to take off without messing your hair and face up (this is a serious issue, clearly)
-Can be worn open as well as buttoned. People, this gives you a whole new level of temperature control! Amazing!

-Having to alter a pattern, boo! (As if I'll escape altering it anyway)
-It's more work adding a buttonband (don't be lazy!)

So clearly, I've convinced myself that if I make it, this must be a PROPER cardigan. Hmm, can't be too hard to do.

I bought some yarn, and while I knew my gauge would probably be too big in this 4ply weight, I couldn't get the colour I liked in 3ply. Plus, cheekily, if I knit in a thicker yarn, that's less stitches, and therefore less work! Haha! (Oh wait, but then there's a whole new level of maths to suss out. Huh, maybe it's MORE work.)

Stocking stitch swatch, seed stitch swatch I knit half-wrong, and seed stitch swatch on smaller needles. Lotsa swatches.
Don't you love how obnoxious and bright this shade of pink is? The shade is called "Lipstick".
I guess the next exciting stage is... lots of maths! Aww, darn it.

Also, the pattern gauge is very vague- it doesn't tell you what stitch pattern you should swatch in, (I'm thinking the seed stitch, so my stocking stitch gauge swatch is sorta pointless), and it doesn't tell you what the vertical gauge is supposed to be. Hopefully this doesn't mess me up too much!

Oh well. Wish me luck, I have a feeling this could be a doozy!
So, are any of you knitting for victory? How do you LOVE my vintage pattern selections? Do you have any others to recommend? :D

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