Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Completed: Cool Cowl Tank

I've made the Cool Cowl Tank by In-House Patterns before- you can see my post here. It was a nice easy make, though that one did turn out quite loose-fitting (I have plans to whip down the side seams with my new overlocker to snug it up a bit!).
I think it's a pretty, versatile pattern though, oh, and did I mention easy? :) So I had another go. AND, pats on the back for me, cos I very unselfishly made one for my Mum for her birthday too!
We traveled up north from Wellington to Tauranga for Christmas, so I took the opportunity to get photos at my parents' house. I'm so envious of the lovely weather they get up there...

For this version I used this lightweight, drapey viscose knit (viscose is just another name for rayon I believe.). I think it's a perfect fit for the pattern. It's a little more drapey and droopy than my last version, so even though I raised the cowl neckline using Alexandra's easy-to-follow tutorial, it is still quite a low neckline. No worries though! I don't have any cleavage to flash anyway, haha!
I made this one a slimmer fit (I think I went down two sizes), but with the ultra drapey fabric, it's definitely not too tight. I'm quite happy with it.
The other difference was that I eliminated the centre back seam I'd created on my last version. I guess I have a bit of pooling in the lower back (probably a sway back thing, right?) that could use fixing, but for a top like this, I don't really care. It's casual and drapey, so whatever! If I make another I could try it for an experiment.

Does this mean we are swayback twins too??
And this top is easy to squeeze out of leftover knit yardage, so there could be more in my future. In fact, this one IS made from leftover yardage, but I finished this top before the original dress I cut out from the fabric! So you'll see more lilac knit popping up on this blog soon in the form of a dress.

My Mum's version is also made in a viscose knit, a bit less thin than my lilac fabric. I love the colour, and I think it really suits her- it's not a harsh red, just pleasantly soft.

No idea what we were cracking up about here:

Here we posed with an unusual feature that lurks on my parents' property- a rusted out old car which my Dad acquired. Heh. It made for interesting photos I suppose!

I find the fact that I now own a twin of my Mum's wardrobe quite amusing, but clearly it just shows how cool she is. Haha.

There's not really much to say about these makes because they are such a simple project. There are a few more details in my original post. I recommend you check out In-House patterns because I don't see them get a lot of press in the indie-pattern-loving blogosphere! :)

Ooh, speaking of indie patterns, heard of Thread Theory, the cool new menswear company? Sophie of Two Random Words is giving away one of their patterns to celebrate her first 50 followers! So go enter to win and check out her awesome sewing skills while you're there! :)

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