Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Happy Birthday, Blog!

I can't believe this blog has been going for 2 years now! :O
My blog is now a toddler.
I've learned a lot about sewing and knitting since I started it, but I think the main thing I've learned is how little I know!
When I started out, I totally thought it would be easier than it is. Along the way I've gotten mired in fitting issues, self-doubt, and all kinds of fails really!
But I shall keep trying, and keep learning. 
And most importantly, I shall strive to find the positivity in what I do, because there ARE successes, and I CAN get there in the end!

I would like to say, the absolute BEST thing about starting this blog is the awesome people I've gotten to know. I've met a group of bloggers here in Wellington who have made life a lot more fun, and I've also virtually met an amazing group of bloggers around the world who have taught me so much!
I am often amazed at how encouraging and helpful the online sewing community is. 
So I want to say a GIANT thank you to all of you!

And what would a celebration be without a giveaway?!
I know we all love to support indie pattern companies, so I'm giving away a pattern from In House Patterns! You can choose anything from their range.
OR, if you'd rather knit something and want to win a knitting pattern, link me to your most desired Ravelry pattern!

In-House Patterns are drafted for a D- cup, but there are tutorials on the blog on how to alter for smaller cup sizes, so don't worry!
I have made two Cool Cowl Tanks so far, but my true love is the Belle Bow Blouse. Such a sweet pattern. I really want to make it!

Note: It also has a collared view.

Sweet details <3
And straight from my knitting queue, if you want to be twinsssss, my picks are:

Blackberry Cabled Cardigan
Though you can have any pattern you want ;)

So to enter, just leave a comment and what pattern you'd like to win :)
And thanks for reading! :D

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