Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Completed: Another Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt

This the the Hollyburn Skirt from Sewaholic which I've made once previously. It's a pretty simple pattern so I don't feel I have a lot to say! It's a really nice basic skirt to have!

I got the fabric from an op shop. It's a polyester I believe, and it drapes quite nicely. And the colour! I do love purple, and this is a lovely dull purple which is one of my 'nearly-neutral' shades.
I did a hand-picked zip, but resolved to save myself the time of a hand-finished hem this time. I used my blind hem foot, which I'm not too experienced with, but got a decent result, after a vigorous pressing!

I got a friend to level the hem for me. I find a level hem to be very important to me. That's one thing I can't compromise on!

The blind hem still took me a while though, as I turned under the top of the hem first and basted it down to hide the raw edge. I could have taken a little more care with it but it turned out fine. I need to find that perfect balance of slapdash and careful!
During the hemming, I found the machine did quite a good job of easing in the fullness of the hem (since that part sits on top of the feed dogs), which was a relief!

I'm wearing it with my Agatha cardigan, which is such a strong colour it doesn't go with everything. I'm glad I can wear it more now!

Knitted lace... and yay pockets.
Every time I put pockets in I'm like "WHY don't I put these in everything??". Answer: laziness :(

Oh yeah, and I tried it with this cardigan I made a while back which was covered in fail. I'd tried to polish this turd by tacking down the fronts into little lapel-thingies. But I still hate it!!
It sits badly, and the ribbing that sits just below the waist just feels really unflattering, like it bulks me out in the wrong places. I knew time would tell if I could learn to love this cardigan. But it's true hate! I'm now planning to frog the entire thing and start from scratch on something else!
I might keep the sleeves actually, and just make a new body- any suggestions guys? :)

The back sits horribly too and well, the whole thing is just ick.
But back to positivity. I made a skirt. I like the skirt. :)

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