Sunday, 10 January 2016

Completed: Vogue 8465

Hello! Happy New Year and all that! Here's a dress.

Sorry about the weird face :D

The pattern is Vogue 8645, which I bought a few years ago, made a toile/muslin and then never proceeded with. I guess it's slightly branching out from my style (okay, well, not much; it's still cinched at the waist). I didn't take any pictures of it untied at the waist but let me assure you it looks hideously dumpy on me. lol.
I made it in rayon crepe, and because it was slightly sheer, I lined it with more of the same. Not sure that was the best idea in retrospect; lining it with something lighter weight fabric would be better I think (not to mention potentially cheaper haha) Crepe seems so lightweight but it's so spongy that bulk builds up in no time!

I also think the crepe sags a lot under its own weight; I took the shoulders up by 2cm on both the front and back of the shoulder seam because the neckline and armholes were so low! I made a toile/muslin for this ages ago and didn't have this issue, so I think it was the crepe.
Actually, I suspected it would sag, so the first thing I did during construction was cut some fusing tape to the same length as the V necklines. I then sewed it onto the neckline edges, easing in the fabric to the correct length. The neckline had already stretched out by about 2cm!

I think I was also deceived by the fabric when levelling the hem; it turned out a bit shorter than anticipated (not that that is a problem, I still don't think it's toooo short). I have a theory that the fabric bounced up a bit after having fabric cut off the hem, as it had less weight pulling it down.

Oh and by the way, this pattern is a MAJOR fabric hog! You could always skip the lining to save fabric though. You can't really see in my pictures, but it has a centre front and a centre back seam. I found it a little bulky at the V-neck. Hardcore trimming is your friend here!! Well, hardcore trimming is your friend always really. I hate bulky seams :)

I didn't follow the instructions for how to do the lining, because I hate commercial pattern instructions... They're so poor, and always seem to involve unnecessary hand stitching when it comes to linings??  I also skipped the top stitching in favour of understitching around the neckline.

We took these photos over the Christmas break, horsing around in my hometown of Tauranga. Having your husband photograph you is not always best- OMG, one of my straps came loose and he didn't even notice!! Haha, the man cares not for fashion.
So most of my photos have one of the straps in various silly positions. Hah!

Maniac in a tree. Strap: sliding down shoulder.

I like how there's a dog coming out from my shoulder here.

Hijinx on the

Back in the tree (don't judge). Strap: fully loose.
Sooo I might recommend stitching the straps in place so you don't get caught looking silly like me :)
Other than that I guess I do recommend this pattern for a casual dress. When I asked for a review, both my Dad and husband said I looked Greek, so I guess it's pretty toga-like. Haha. You make the call on whether that's a good or a bad thing! Oh, one more quick tip: Don't level the hem without the straps tied! I had to re-level it because it sits differently with the ties done up (obvious in hindisight, lol).

My left shoulder strap is gone so imagine the shoulder is tied, lol

Oh there's the strap, falling out of my armpit. NICE

Here is where I figured out the strap was gone and returned it to its rightful place :

Heh :)

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