Monday, 4 July 2016

720 degrees

720 degrees = 2 circle skirts!
Just a small blog post this time.

But first, let me address what it going on in these photos. I have taken photos inside my house.. the horror!! I don't like taking pictures inside, for many reasons (mainly because our house is so small there is not even one blank wall to stand against, lol).
I have left the mess on the table for truthiness - There is constantly a mess on the dining room table for my sewing stuff!

I decided to take pics inside my house because I am thinking that I'd rather blog with bad photos than not blog at all.

If this skirt looks familiar, it's because I altered an old one I made to make it better! It's got a whole new waistband and is shortened and re-hemmed.
The old one had a folded one piece waistband, but this time I faced it in a cotton. Much less bulky, and not itchy like the wool.

I also added belt loops by using this thread chains tutorial from Grainline studio. It's much easier than the previous way I learned to do thread tacks! And I love these as they are so subtle! I've been going on a real belt loops rampage lately, adding them to everything.

I should have been more careful when stitching the waistband though, you can see the cotton facing went a little bit twisted in some areas.

Here is the old blog post about this skirt. That was way back when I was teaching myself the basics! I know more than nothing now, which is nice.
Oh, and here is the post about the cardigan I'm wearing, Agatha by Andi Satterlund. :)

Here, compare the lengths:

Well, these photos are really hard to compare. I hope that you can see the effect of the slight shortening. I think it's an improvement! Guess I still like the same colours though... haha!

Here is my second circle skirt. I don't like this outfit as much though!
It is honestly made of the nastiest fabric (I was given it for free) and it's a pretty gross synthetic. I liked the colour, but I would love to upgrade this one day to a much nicer version in a nice fabric!
Here is the blog post about the cardigan I'm wearing!

"You have caught me in my natural habitat!  D: "

Brace yourself: Here is a photo of the orginal hem. THE HORROR. The bias is a jerk. Also this fabric.

Here is the re-done hem, faced with bias tape. Sweet relief.

That's it for now. I'm feeling a bit uninspired lately, perhaps it is Winter-itis? But I think most of the blogs I started following seem to be trailing off a bit too.  Was blogging a fad that's slowly dying? Well, I, for one intend to keep blogging, but it'll definitely continue to be sporadic for the next while!

And where do you guys stand on the quality of photos for your projects? I'm happy to stay un-Pinteresty to be honest :)

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