Friday, 17 February 2012

My first amigurumi

I have seen amigurumis around the internet and always thought they were cute, so when I saw this kit I had to give it a go!  Having everything put together for you makes it so much less daunting.
It did take me quite a long time to pick up how to do it though, having never crocheted before!
Lots of watching, practicing and rewatching of internet videos later:
 I changed the nose since I thought the kit's one looked more like a dog :)  I also added little toesies :)

And here are some more shots:
what beady eyes you have..
fluffy lil tail!
a shot of the posterior
This was fun to make (okay maybe a bit frustrating at the learning parts- but that's part of the fun), and I'm looking forward to making another.  I already have the kit for a cute bear!  :)

There are also loads of free patterns on the net and I'm looking forward to trying some out :)
Also- I found you can buy these kit patterns I have in PDF form on etsy- here is the link to the bunny!

And here's a farewell shot from little bunny:


  1. The bunny is so cute. For learning from the web you did a great job! :)

  2. Extremely cute. I love the face and paws you have stitched so accurately and the colours are so cheerful. Heartwarming little creation!


  3. Hi Joanna, this amigurumi is so cuteeee....

  4. So cute! :) I love how you did the nose and toes! <3

  5. I can't believe you learned on an amigurumi project! That's a really tough way to go (I learned on a shell stitch dish cloth), but I bet you can tackle any project now :) Great job, he's super cute.

  6. Oh, I hope that last comment didn't sound condescending. I am very impressed that you jumped right in and did something complicated, I think it's super brave and awesome!


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