Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Look 6872 Waist Skirt

Well, I guess I better write my first proper blog post!
Here I am in New Look 6872.

It's quite a simple skirt- just a straight waistband with a gathered bottom.  Didn't stop me from being challenged! Haha.  One note- I ended up taking 5.2cm out of the waistband they recommended for my size.  I have learnt from my small amount of experience that you can't trust pattern companies and their crazy wearing ease.  Imagine where it would have sat without taking that much out.. certainly not on the waist!

I have to say though, I'm not sure the style is incredibly flattering on me.  It looks nice with a cardigan over top but I'm not so sure about the height of the waistband on me.  Sorry no pics with the cardy off, but maybe if I think of making it again I shall ponder this some more....

p.s Taking photos in the high winds of Wellington is no picnic!


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