Monday, 5 March 2012

More Fitting!

Well, well, fitting, we meet again.  Last time I left you I'd made some progress but I still had a nasty sway back to deal with.  Get ready to see lots of pictures of me in a bed sheet!
The dastardly sway back
Since then, I've added width to the back by slashing and spreading at the hem on each side, because it wasn't going over my bum properly.
Then, it was time to tackle the sway-back.  Again, I was pretty overwhelmed.  But I am still trying!  Here are the results of my sway back experiments.

First I pinned out some above the waist:
Well, disgusting.
As you can see it gave a lovely tented look which made me look pregnant.  Next!
Then I pinned underneath the waistline, but I took too much out:

The hem is too high in the back, but at least I have shape!
Okay, at this point I caved and asked In House Patterns' Alexandra for help- she was so lovely to help me AGAIN!  So I pinned less out ON the waistline:

Alright, not bad, a bit rumply though!
Now I'm not sure this is kosher, but here's my latest experiment, pinning out a bit BELOW that as well!

Is this anything?
As you can see the hem is still higher in the back, but I think that length gets added back in in the sway back adjustment.....
So, I'm still wondering what exactly to do, but I'm slowly getting there... maybe!

Now, to cheer myself up from all this struggle, here is something I didn't mess up!
I've been practicing my crochet skills with scrap yarn- I made these for practice using this free pattern.
Hearts can't have swaybacks, yay!
Well, if anyone has any insights, do let me know!  I appreciate the awesome feedback and support from the web that I've gotten!  You guys are the best :)


  1. Hi Johanna,
    I started following your blog a few weeks ago, you're doing great!
    I think with this top the problem might be that the back pannel doesn't have enough width at the hip and maybe that is why it rides up like it does in the 1st photo. Maybe if you cut the back pannel with more of a flare at the bottom (after the waist) you would avoid this problem, and then to get it to fit better around the waist and upper back you could use vertical darts?
    It's just a suggestion, I'm by no means an expert :) Hope it goes well.

    1. Hmm, I already added to the hip on the back panel after the first photo. You can see the extra panel I added in after the first picture. I wonder if I need to add more? Dang I guess I have a giant caboose, lol!

  2. Hi Jo! It's coming along! I think you may need a bit more hem width at the back too. Don't worry about how much you take up in the sway back adjustment, take as much as you need to take out the excess length at the mid back. As long as you are eliminating wrinkles and not creating them. I wish I could be of more help, I find it so difficult when I can't touch and see the garment in all of it's 3D glory!

    1. Thanks for your help :) I am going to try adding more width at the back hem (by widening my already existing slashes) like both you and Annanas said, and then do the sway back (still not sure on how much to take out but I will get there). And then one day I will make the actual garment! lol :)

  3. Lovely hearts, Johanna. No fitting required! I bet you could do a lovely collection of hearts or they could be used in lots of creative ways. Nice colours too.

  4. Hi Johanna - I'm sorry, I don't have any advice for the fitting but it looks like you are making progress. I love the hearts they are beautiful!

  5. No advice from me either, sorry to say. I've never done this adjustment, and I'm trying to figure out if I need it or not. I'm really hoping not! But thanks for sharing your experience with it so we can all learn as well!

    And the hearts are so cute!


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