Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Playing Dress Up!

Well, like I mentioned in my previous post, I've gone and made a croquis!  Now, there's no point in having one if you aren't going to dress it up so here we go!

I didn't go the fancy-schmancy technology route since I quite like hand-drawing :)  I simply did tracings, and sketched on top of those.  And then to make them a little more internet-ready, I sharpened up the contrast in image editing since my lines were very timid!

I'm sure the Meringue looks familiar, seems everyone is making one these days!  And then New Look 6808, aka adventures in fitting.

I actually was inspired by the Palette Challenges at Colette Patterns, so I made a palette.  However, I am not a fast sewer, so instead of Fall/Spring Palette or whatever, it will be "Till Whenever I'm Done Palette Challenge".

I think these work so well together!
Maybe in time I will learn how to do fancy palettes like other people, but for now it's good enough for me!  All the ones I've planned on my croquis fall roughly into this palette so I'm hoping they'll make a little capsule wardrobe :)
Okay,  next pics :)

The top on the left is going to be white, the skirt shall be navy :)
 I can't wait to make the Sewaholic Pendrell blouse above:  I absolutely love the fabric I got for it.  Unfortunately I'm too scared to use the fabric yet so I'll make Pendrell in something simpler first :)  Here is the beloved rayon:

So in love

plans for my first knit top!
The same applies with this one- Too scared of ruining the striped knit I have for this, so I have bought another fabric to practice with!  (Hopefully will have that done soon!)

more top plans
Have you noticed the abundance of New Look 6808s?  Well, if it's going to be such a bear to fit, once I get it fitted, I'm going to make it work hard for me! :)
Here is the fabric I'm planning to use for the peter pan collar one:

isn't it the CUTEST?
 As you can see, I have grand plans!

The problem is that I get so excited planning that I forget how long it will take me to actually do it!

The other problem is that we are coming into winter here in New Zealand and all I have planned are summery items!  Well, I am pretty slow, so probably some of these won't be made until summer, haha.


  1. I love your plans! Your palette and the fabrics you've chosen are gorgeous! I love that last floral. So sweet!

  2. So ambitious and very beautiful! I always forget about the opposing seasons-that's great, you'll have lots of time and a whole new wardrobe for summer!

  3. It looks like a good plan to me. I often remark that I shop for fabric faster than I sew. Planning is much the same.

  4. This is awesome! I love your palette too, and especially that you're calling it the "Till Whenever I'm Done Palette Challenge". No point adding more stress to the hobby, right? I also really like it that you're doing so many of the variations of the New Look pattern. You're really going to get your time's worth out of that pattern, which is great!

  5. This is awesome Johanna. You're a really good writer! I hope you become one of those famous bloggers xx

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! I really hope my finished projects live up to my dreams of them! Heh heh :)

  7. Those tops look great -
    Loving your blog & sense of Humor!


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