Saturday, 31 March 2012

Renfrew Fitting

After celebrating the success of making my first Renfrew, I thought I'd take a critical look at it to hopefully make my next even better!

There are a few fitting issues I noticed.  Firstly, in my original post picture, I had pulled it down which eliminated some wrinkles.  However, the dirty secret is that it likes to sit a bit higher than that.

This is the reality of my Renfrew:

So what do we have?  Firstly, horizontal wrinkles around the stomach- my diagnosis, too much length.  I think I shall take out a centimetre or two from here.

Next up, slightly more troubling wrinkles-  See the horizontal strain lines around the neckline?  They are also present across the shoulders:

So, my uneducated thoughts on this:  It's too tight around the neckline and shoulder so perhaps I should have gone up a size!  Perhaps based on my bust measurement (size 2), the pattern assumes I have a smaller frame and bigger bust.  Yup, maybe my bust is too small for a pear shaped pattern.  I get it, it's small!  lol :)  Either that or I just have wide shoulders?

The only problem is I also tampered with the pattern by cutting off some of the neckband as per Lauren's advice.  I shouldn't have done that- lesson learned, don't make alterations to the first test of a garment.  So perhaps the smaller neckband is causing these issues?  Aw, shucks, I don't know!

Oh shoot, almost forgot!

Sway back?
The old sway back-  I'm actually not super bothered about this.  But I might give it a whack anyway!  I enjoy how casual the fit on knits is, I don't feel the need to get it perfect!  I may give it a try using this tutorial.  We'll see!    

So, those are my thoughts- take out some length through the torso, maybe try a sway back adjustment and cut a size larger for the shoulders (probably).  Any thoughts or insights guys? :)


  1. I think you might be on the right track with the idea to go up a size - but don't take my word alone on fitting advice! You know I haven't much of a clue on that front!

  2. Great analysis Jo! I agree-go up a size. I think you might find that there will be less wrinkles across the shoulder and lower body-the hem looks a bit snug. You are blessed with a model's shoulders-lucky you!

  3. Hmmm, looks like the neckband could be pulling and causing the wrinkles. But really, this looks good! Knits are so forgiving!

  4. I had this problem with my second Renfrew but not my first (I think because my second had a thicker fabric). I thought mine was too tight at the bust. Good luck with your second try!

  5. Do you read Tanit-Isis? She just posted about square shoulders and some of those wrinkles at the neck look familiar from that post.

    1. I had a look at her article, and it seems like her problem was a bit different (hopefully), my wrinkle does not go all the way across the back of the neck, plus I thought I had the opposite of square shoulders! I had to do a sloping shoulder adjustment on my last top! Hmm fitting stuff really boggles my mind!

  6. Your crafting is all so adorable! And how quickly you're learning everything. Can't wait to see more about your project with Gail.


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