Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Skirt Toile

Yep, I started another project.  What's that?  You want to hear about the top I was working on?  Here, let me just push that under the table with my foot....  I'll work on it some more later, I swear!

I found this cute 70s pattern secondhand- I don't look in many secondhand shops but this makes me want to!  (Too bad the shop I got it from is not in my town).

Here is my toile: 

I said I looked crazy in this picture- my husband said "you always look crazy!"..  Thanks!  lol!

I really want to work with more vintage patterns now as they don't seem to include the bucket-loads of ease all the modern ones I've worked with seem to!  In fact, if anything it was too tight!

I originally thought it would sit lower than this- damn you deceptively long and slim fashion drawings!  I wondered if it would be flattering sitting on the waistline so I tried comparing it on my croquis.... but unfortunately my drawings didn't look that different, lol!  The one on the left is also drawn slimmer so it makes it even harder to compare.  I'll do better next time!

Okay, but for the record, the one on the right is higher on the waist like my toile.

So, even though my drawings are incredibly similar (lol), which do you think is more flattering?

Oh and one more thing, to get a nice swishy hem like the fashion drawings on the envelope, I'm thinking of putting either interfacing in the hem, or getting fancy with it like I've seen other bloggers do and go for a bit of horsehair braid!  Any thoughts on that? :)


  1. I think your toile looks great. Personally I would leave out horsehair braid or similar as this gives quite a stiff shape while I think the skirt has a nice swishy movement to it at the minute. It's up to you if you are looking for something with a more defined shape, but I think your skirt looks great as it is.

  2. I'm still learning about this too, but it seems to me that if you want a swishy hem, you would use a fabric with a lot of drape? Like a linen. I have RTW skirts in linen that are similar to this one, and they are nice and swishy!

  3. your tiole looks great. I find older patterns are not so generous. I have to say I like the picture on the right.

  4. Thanks for the input! I think I'll stick with the higher waistband because I can't really be bothered changing the sizing of the pattern, and it doesn't look too bad!

    I might just see what happens in the fashion fabric with the hem. It does have a bit more fluidity than the toile fabric.... hmmm!

  5. This skirt looks great! Sorry to hear about the top under your table :( I've had a few of those too. Sometimes it's better to move on and go back when you have a clearer head. It looks like this skirt is a perfect fit!

  6. I think you look great in the skirt. Do you generally tuck in your tops? If not then it doesn't matter much where the waist hits on a skirt. I think you look pretty proportional in the picture.

    As for the swish factor, I'm going to sound like an echo of Kestrel. Do you want swishy like standing away from your body and having more defined edge? Then horsehair braid is what you want. Did you want swishy as in movement? Then go for a fabric with nice drape and maybe make the flare at the bottom a smidge wider for each of the pieces.

  7. This looks great! It's such a nice shape, and it fits you really well! Can't wait to see your finished version!


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