Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chihuahua Amigurumi

Well after my first amigurumi, I knew I had to make another!
Luckily I had a friend who wanted me to make her one, based on her own pet chihuahua!
For this one, I used most of the basic body from the bunny I first made, but designed my own ears and tail, as well as adding in some fancy colour changes :)

I have to give him away :(
It was a lot of fun designing the amigurumi, and it isn't hard either!  All I did was use the basic principles I had learnt from the bunny design I made, and researched how to change colours.  The hardest thing about this project was finding the supplies!  All over the internet people seem to recommend 10ply acrylic or cotton, and it seems that in New Zealand 10 ply is incredibly hard to find!  We seem to have mostly 8 ply, for some reason!  So in the end I just bought 8 ply, and it worked just fine.  In fact it seemed just as thick as the yarn from the bunny kit, so maybe I'd just been using 8 ply all along..?

The other thing that proved impossible to find was the safety eyes.  I couldn't find them here in New Zealand so I ordered some from etsy.  These are 9mm by the way :)
I was a bit worried they wouldn't stand out black on black- but they are nice and shiny so it works :)

The tail is simply felt!
Of course I had to take a photo with his friend the bunny :)

You can see how different the yarns are- The acrylic I bought is quite fuzzy, with less stitch definition as well as ending up a bit firmer.  It doesn't necessarily make it 'worse', I think both are quite attractive, and suit their designs well.  Somehow though for future projects I think I will prefer the kit yarn, which I suspect may be cotton.  I'll have to continue my search!

My hand might give you an idea of how big it is!

Yay!  Amigurumi are a lot of fun :)


  1. Aww this is so cute...I love them together ... Great pattern...I would like to try sometime in the future...

  2. Safety eyes are impossible to find in stores! If you do, it's probably $2 per pair. Crazy expensive!

    I like the puppy. So cute!

    I was a bit worried about putting safety eyes over black but you can actually see it!

  3. oh so cute!!! its crochet right?

  4. Aww, these guys are so cute!

  5. Thank you all for your compliments! :) I really want to make more!

  6. Very, very cute. And nobody will know you used 8 ply yarn ( I won't tell anyone :) )

  7. What a handsome pair and showing the size of your hand certainly highlights what a fine task it is to get the detail right. Very masterful and cute too.


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