Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Miette Progress and No Taffy

Well, time for an update on the Miette.
Gail has been putting up loads of helpful info!
I'm almost up to the bit where I can remove the sleeves.  Then I can try it on, OOH!

I've abandoned the lifelines I'd been planning to put in.  Since the knitting has been pretty straightforward lately, I've had no need of them.  Plus, when I pull them out, they distort my stitches.  Please tell me that will come out with blocking.  Please?

Also, row 25 was a bit tricky where you cast on 10 stitches at the start and end of the row.

Here is what I think I figured out -please tell me if I'm right! (lol):
The instructions are to break the yarn, and cast on 10 stitches on the right needle. 
Now, there are cast-ons where you use the right needle (such as long-tail and backward-loop), but I don't know them and wanted to use knitting-on for both sides.  Knitting-on uses the left needle.

Row 25 is a purl (wrong side) row.  I cut the yarn as instructed.  But then I turned the work back to the right side.  I cast on 10 stitches with new yarn, on the left needle, using 'knitting on'.
after casting on new stitches at the end of row 24.
So then, when I turned back to row 25, my cast on was on the right needle as it should be!  I purled across the rest of the row, and I tied the loose ends together like Gail said (see below).

Then at the end of the row, I turned the work again and cast on 10 more stitches with knitting on.  Then on to the next row!  Am I doing it right?

So guys, please give me your feedback on my knitting questions! :)

Oh, and about the Taffy- I wanted to join the Colette Handbook Sew-along, so I tried to make a Taffy in time for the deadline.  And failed!  Woo!  But I would have finished it if it wasn't for that darn bias tape...They didn't have the right stuff in the store!
Here is a picture of my first test garment instead (I actually made two).
Had to cut the head off- it wasn't blog material.  lol!
When will I finish the real thing?  Well, whenever I get into a shop and find the right bias tape.  So probably not soon :(  But that's okay, it's coming into winter here anyway, so I don't desperately need a floaty chiffon blouse....lol!

Gosh, I feel like I've been a bit of a boring blogger lately.  Not many finished projects.  Having a blog sometimes feels like extra pressure to create cool things, you know?  But there's no point in rushing.  I'll just keep plugging along!


  1. Your casting on looks great! And yes, the distorted stitches should even out with blocking :-) I'm really glad to hear that you've abandoned the lifelines, because that means you must be feeling pretty confident!

    BTW - just noticed your Pinterest button, so I'm going to follow you there too :-)

  2. You're pretty far on the Taffy, though! The bias tape is a pain. I made my own, like I usually do, but I never enjoy it!

  3. Looking good! I'm really excited to find out how your Miette fits! The Taffy is a nice shape for you, too. I don't think I'll be making that, as I don't really like to emphasize width at my shoulders (makes me feel too rectangular for some reason). But it's really flattering on you-- makes you look hourglass-y!

    I hope you don't feel too much pressure to finish things because of your blog. I like to have a little pressure (like sewalong deadlines) to help me finish stuff instead of hopping from one thing to the next like a rabbit with ADHD, but I'll go for weeks and weeks without finishing stuff sometimes. It's not worth it to rush through a project and make a mistake, or worse, to not iron out fitting issues and to churn out a project that you don't really like. Sewing is way too time-consuming (and knitting-- holy cow!) to rush at the expense of the project.

    1. OMG, a rabbit with ADHD! That sums up me on projects perfectly! lol! Thanks for your advice on not rushing :) You're right, I don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity :)

  4. The blocking will fix any distorted stitches, in my experience. And what a lovely Taffy! May I suggest that you make the neck a little bit less open (wide) on the taffy. I think you are so petite that the opening is a smidge wide - esp at the shoulders. I think that would help you to move those shoulder seams right up to the top of your shoulders.

    1. Great! Thanks for your advice on the Taffy- I actually already did make the adjustments you suggested on my 2nd muslin so it's great to hear someone else thinks the same!

  5. Looks like the Miette is coming along nicely. Your blog is really interesting and fun to read. I like the way you document your process through your projects!

  6. Your Miette looks great so far. I remember those pesky cast-on stitches, but sadly don't recal the exact details of how I did them. But your approach looks like it's right! I think you are on the right track. And, yes blocking should correct your distorted stitches. I love the color of your yarn, btw, it's lovely.

  7. The Taffy seems to cause issue to most people because of the large neckline, causing the shoulders to drop. I reckoned some neck tucks or darts would make it better. I did on mine.

    the knitting going nicely

  8. Your cardi is going to be so pretty! Can't wait to see the finished look. I love the sleeves on the Taffy

  9. Pretty wee jumper - wish I was more of a knitter. The flutter sleeve top is lovely - pity its so damned cold. Do you know how to make your own bias tape? There are a bunch of tutes online and you can make it easier by getting a really cheap little thingy that folds it for you while you iron it. Anyway, something for when the sun comes out again - Nancy's in Thorndon have them for sure and they're cheap. Easy peasy.

    Now, must get on with actually finishing some garments! Hah :o)


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