Friday, 22 June 2012

Miette again! Plus bonus knitting fail

I'm nearly finished..Eep!  I never imagined this day would come...

We have button bands and a neckband!

I had a hell of a time picking up stitches.  It took me forever!  But I got there in the end.  Yow, my wrist hurt after all those tight twisted stitches...
Now I have to take out all my lifelines, weave in all the ends, block, and sew on buttons.  After I took this photo I attempted to fix the armpits. was a nightmare, and I don't know what magic Gail used in her video to make it look possible, lol.  I think next time I will fix up the armpits right after I get past them, instead of ignoring them and trying on the cardigan a million times, making the holes much worse.  That's probably what did me in...  So yeah, the armpits may have a few dodgy knots in them and are suspiciously rock hard.  lol!

By the way, button opinions, anyone?  I saw some heart shaped buttons and was tempted, but now I'm thinking that's too cutesy (it's my weakness).  lol!  I'm thinking either white/cream, or light pink buttons.

I find it very hard to believe this may be wearable when I'm done.  I'm sort of waiting for it to blow up in my face.  Gotta stay positive!

Okay, onto a knitting fail!
I got excited about starting a new project.  Francis Revisited!  It's free, and a lot easier than Miette.  It'll be a breeze right?
Not if you're me!
I knitted a gauge swatch.  I learned how to swatch for knitting in the round, and it made me feel fancy (lol).  Your swatch has to be all knit stitches, since in the round you're always knitting on the right side- no purls!  I did it like this.

My gauge came out a lot smaller (3.85 sts per inch, while the pattern's was 3.25).  I did loads of calculations.  I thought I could use my smaller gauge to size down to a smaller bust size.  So I followed the directions for the small.

But judging by how it's looking, the armholes are going to be mega tight, since it doesn't seem to come down far enough.

The next row I'm supposed to put the sleeve stitches on scrap yarn.
One thing I'm thinking is that I should have adjusted my cast on.  The pattern says to cast on 80 stitches.  I realised that 80 sts at my gauge is almost 4 inches smaller around than theirs!
So that's going to sit higher on my body, and affect the shaping.... As well as probably changing the look of the cowl.

For a simple project I sure know how to complicate things!  And I don't want to have to buy a bigger needle to make my gauge bigger because I can't afford it right now, lol.  Needles don't grow on trees ya know!  (Well, the wooden ones do,  kinda).

So I'm thinking I should frog it and re-evaluate.  I found this Raveler who noted adding length in the top, by changing the increases from every 2nd to every 3rd row.  Hmmm... Alright knitting smarties, weigh in!  What would you do?


  1. Wooden buttons? that's always my weakness :)

  2. I'm a sucker for mother-of-pearl buttons . . .

    OK - now that I've seen it, I think that another approach to Francis is to continue on a little bit from here, but doing your increases only every 3rd row, until you get to a number of stitches (front + back) that will give you the chest measurement you want. Doing it this way will also give you the extra depth in the armhole you need - those do indeed look tight as they stand. And if you do it that way, you wont' have to frog what you already have!

    1. I concur. Also, I know that needles are costly (ask me how :-)) but if you're going to keep knitting - and I sense you are - it's important to have as many sizes on hand as possible. I've managed to get one in practically every size by trial and error and I've only been knitting for a year! There are interchangeable kits that cost up front, but that will save you money in the long run cuz you get every size and the interchangeable cords all at once. A "cheap" version is by Denise. I have it and it works fine. Mind you, were I buying another interchangeable kit with what I know now, I'd buy the Addi one ($$$). Why? Cuz I rarely use the Denise needles and have managed to buy an entire kit's worth of Addi's one at a time. Those have paid for themselves though.

    2. Thanks for your needle buying tips! I'll definitely keep them in mind :)

  3. I was thinking cream colored buttons when I first saw it but I'm thinking big wooden buttons would look great after reading Himawari's comment. Looking good!!

  4. I agree with Gail! Just keep going (without splitting off the sleeves) until you've reached the correct chest measurement (adding together the front and the back, excluding the stitches that will be used for the sleeves). Topdown raglans are the best-- you can tinker with the fit without frogging!

    What would you think of multi-faceted glass buttons? Those would be really cute!

    1. I love the sound of multi-faceted glass. Hope the shops have some for me to look at!
      And thanks for the knitting advice! I'm not going to frog it after all! :)

  5. Ooh thanks for your button suggestions you guys! Damn I like all of them a lot! I'll have to see what there is in the stores. :)

  6. Definitely like the idea of multifaceted glass buttons. Lovely. Or shell with pink and turquoise shot through them. Hmmm it will be interesting to see what you end up with...


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