Friday, 3 August 2012

Bloggy meet-up achieved!

Like I mentioned, I went to a sort of bloggy meet-up recently!
I met Emily of Calico Stretch and Maryanne of The Hectic Eclectic...they are both very lovely of course and it felt great to meet people with the same interests!
We met at the store Maryanne runs- Made on Marion.  They do regular classes and meet-ups.  See the shop's blog here.
Maryanne helped me with my fitting, and we all had a good natter of course.

And look what I scored!  Emily gave this vintage gem to me- under no coercion at all, I swear!  Thank you so much Emily! 

 It's a bit of a lookalike of the Sewaholic Cambie dress, don't you think?  However it has princess seams, no waistband or gathered skirt view, and doesn't have the nifty plain back that Cambie has to prevent your sleeves falling off your shoulders!

What is does have however, are a few different strap/sleeve views which are cute and check this out:
Isn't that the CUTEST trim on the sleeves and pockets!?  I gotta copy this.
It's a size above what I normally would fit in the waist (right size for the hips though!).  I will have to give it a crack at some point, but first I must attend to my list which is already a mile long!  For now I will just enjoy having the pattern in my hot little hands :)

Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the meet-up, but it was so great.  Isn't it awesome how we can connect through the internet? :)


  1. My first thought was Cambie dress as well - it's a really cute pattern

  2. Yay for bloggy meet-ups! AND for your new/old pattern. You HAVE to make this one - it's so cute!

  3. Fun meet-up! I love the vintage pattern, I hope you sew one of the dresses.

  4. So glad you had fun at the meet up and scored some cool treasures!

  5. I love the off the shoulder option and you would look SO cute in it! If ever an era of clothing was perfect for a person, its the early 70's and you :)
    It was so nice to meet you both too!

  6. How cute! I'm so glad you got to meet some fellow sewists!! It's always so nice to meet people in person!

  7. Couldn't agree more - t'was lovely to meet real folk. I'm glad you are going to make the pattern as it probably would have languished in my drawer rather than being loved into production :o)


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