Saturday, 11 August 2012

Now for something a little geeky!

Here's something a bit different!
My first self-designed amigurumi- a present for my husband :)
It's a wee monster called a "ChuChu" from the video game series The Legend of Zelda- a series my husband and I both enjoy!
I think these little guys are pretty cute, although they do cause a bit of trouble for our hero Link...

Especially when they get super-sized!
  Here he is sitting proudly atop my couch:

I spent quite a while getting the shape right on this.  I had to figure out how to form the little foot blobs as part of the shaping (I didn't want to make them separately and sew them on).  I was really rather proud of my solution!  :)

I couldn't resist getting some photos with Link:
Watch out! You're in danger!

Just kidding.  Friends forever right?

Aand here's a shot of the back:

The bottom:

And of course you gotta have a macro shot!
What a little goon!

One last shot:  Here is a pic with my hand for scale!

This was really satisfying to design and rather fun.  And I'm happy to report my husband loved it :)

Edit:  I have uploaded the pattern for anyone who wants it.  Get it here. :)


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