Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Some Simple Scarves

After conquering my first cardigan, I decided on a simpler project or two!

I also wanted to be able to practice Continental knitting, since I have been doing English knitting.  I'm extremely slow!  I heard Continental is faster so I thought I'd better give it a go!  It felt really weird at first, like crocheting without a hook to grab the yarn.
I'm slowly getting the hang of it... I just really want to get faster!

I also learned the felted join.  It's magical and fantastic by the way :)

Here is me wearing my creation when my Mum came down to Wellington to visit.

This scarf is a simple 2X2 rib.  I've got my notes here on Ravelry:  Pidge-Podge scarf.  Fun fact- the yarn I used was actually frogged from my first scarf!

The next scarf was made from the yarn I won from Maryanne of The Hectic Eclectic (yay!!), and I made it for my husband!
This one was a bit more fancy but still simple enough. You can see my notes on my Ravelry here.
It has a neat diagonal pattern.

And I managed to capture a picture of the elusive husband-beast as he came home from work!
Looking as cheeky as always...

Sometimes it's nice to have a simpler project to work on in between the bigger ones :)

So everyone... which way do you knit- Continental or English?  Tell me about your preferences!


  1. I'm still SO impressed that you made yourself a cardigan, and now I'm MORE impressed that you had the stamina to keep knitting afterwards! Your husband's scarf looks perfect for his style, and I love how your handmade scarf matchs your mother's.

    I'm a lousy knitter-- I can't remember if I knit normal Continental or some strange left-handed version of Continental. I do know that I love that felted join, though!

  2. Nice scarves! I agree, simple projects are nice to have in between the challenging ones. :) I knit English, but also know how to do Continental. I find English is faster for me, and my tension is more even. But it comes in handy to know both if you ever knit in 2 colors!

  3. Very nice! I didn't even know you'd made yourself a scarf too! And: "elusive husband-beast" - hehehehe!

  4. Never having knitted an actual item, I'm still not sure what style I'll use. I think Continental feels more comfortable to me as far as holding the yarn, because I crochet and am SO used to holding it in my left that switching feels incredibly weird! But I'm sure you'll get faster with more practice whichever way you knit. Your scarves look very nice!

  5. Oooh it HAS come up well! :) You are very productive Jo, I am very impressed. Love the toggle closures too.

    1. Did you know the toggle closures are from Made on Marion? So there are 2 Made on Marion scarves in this post!

  6. Nice work on these. Particularly like the herringbone pattern!

    I tried knitting Continental for a couple days and my wimpy wrists started acting up, so am back to English! Continental does look much quicker, tho.

  7. Lovely!! I so can't wait for winter to get here so I can pull my scarves out. I'm over this heat already!

  8. Cute scarf! I love the toggles.

  9. Lovely! These both look so cozy and nice! I'm a Continental gal, and I LOVE the felted join (although I'm a bit squeamish so I use a little water from the tap instead of the grosser option).

  10. Aww these are lovely, you can't beat a knitted scarf! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Hey these look great! I'm an english knitter as that's what mum taught me and I was thinking I should bite the bullet and try continental because I've been getting sore shoulders and back when I knit. Then again reading fromthepurlside's comment above I wonder if that will help .... As it is I don't knit very often and then its normally the quick fix of something small for a kid or two.


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