Friday, 18 January 2013

Nifty Acquisitions

Do you like pictures of old craft books?  Of course you do.  Silly question.

While visiting my husband's parents over Christmas, I was given some old treasures.  They are so neat.  Check them out!

Ooh boy, Thirteen HUNDRED!! :O

With all these stitch patterns, I could design fancy knitwear of my own!  (Well, maybe not YET!)  It also has a tips section.  And cool looking 70s illustrations:

Here are just some of the fancy stitch patterns.

And this too:  The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlecraft!

This covers a huge variety of crafts, some of which I'll probably never explore... but still.  Neat!
The knitting and crochet sections are great, and I'm sure I could learn a lot from them.  I'd better get studying!

Just one example of the wonders within.
Do you guys sometimes feel like books are awesome to have, but find it hard to get around to reading and utilising them?  It's my goal to pick up at least a few tips from these great books.

I probably won't make lace.  But look at the lace!!
By the way... it's my birthday today!  (Yes, my real one, unlike last time.)  My husband was so sweet as to get me this:

Isn't it great?  I'mma put so many things in it.  Also how cute is the tape measure trim?
And a book too!  Isn't he the best?  I'm thinking of putting up a review.  Is anyone interested in this book?  I'd love to show you the designs!

It's a very happy birthday when you get crafty gifts! :D

Also, in other news, this weekend I am meeting up with my fellow Wellington Bloggers for the second time!  I'll be wearing a new dress made from something I obtained on our last adventure... You'll just have to wait and see (and guess!).  But the result is very vintage-looking indeed.  Stay tuned folks!

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