Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Vogue 8469: Red Christmas Dress

Guess what?  Now I'm just like Neeno!
When I first decided to make this pattern, my googlings led me to her fabulous blog.. she has made many wonderful versions of this pattern :)

And here is my version of Vogue 8469 in red linen:

Ahem, the fitting post I did on this dress was about...6 months ago, lol!  So making this dress was not a fast process I'm afraid.  And to be honest, the construction was a bit of a nightmare for me!

I'm really pleased with the fit though.  It even has neck darts.. yay!  However, after wearing it all day on Christmas, it was beginning to feel constricting in the shoulders.  Yup, I think I was a victim of over-fitting.  I hope to make it again, and I'll lighten up my sloping shoulder adjustment... maybe decrease the intake of the neck darts too.

About the construction- I must have resewed each seam about 3 times, haha.  I laugh now, but at the time it wasn't funny at all.  This was my first fully lined dress.  I decided to follow the pattern instructions for this, but it didn't include how to line the skirt portion... I thought it would be so easy.  It was not- apparently my brain is not smart at figuring this stuff out.  So I resewed the lining-related stuff a lot, and also ended up making up a janky fix involving hand stitching, lol.  But I have to admit, it looks great on the inside... I just need to find a better method next time!

The lining is slip-stitched to the zipper.
I did a pick stitched zipper too.  Mmm, it looks so neat! 

My zips will look even better when I get more practice!
I have heard that this method for lining a bodice is much easier, with a nicer finish.  But I decided to give Vogue a fair chance.  I wouldn't say it turned out horribly, but I will definitely try out the other method next time.  It'll be good to be able to compare them!  (and I totally expect the other method to be better.  I think most pattern instructions really stink.)
Guys, if you have any tips for a fully lined dress, let me know!  I don't want to cry next time!

This fabric is pure linen, and the tales of its wrinkle factor are not exaggerated.  I still very much like the fabric though... it has such a beautiful feel to it, and the way it moves is so nice!  I choose to find the wrinkliness charming, lol.

Photographing this was a nightmare... it was super blustery outside, so a lot of my pictures looked like this:

If only I had a nice wall in my house like all the cool bloggers do, lol!

Oh, can't forget a photo of the back:
I'm quite happy with the fit on the back.  I took it in a good chunk at the waist at centre back for my sway back.  It makes a big difference to the silhouette from side on.  And of course, I didn't get a photo showing that.  Just... imagine it.

I've found that I default to a certain pose- my husband complained I do it all the time:

So I decided to imitate the pattern envelope, which turned out badly.
I tried figuring out how to put these next to each other but I failed.  Technology, why you gotta be so hard to use?

Anyway, I made a dress.  Yay!

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