Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Almost-Too-Cute Crochet Scarf

Okay, maybe you've figured out I'm a giant sucker for cute stuff.  So I couldn't resist making this heart scarf when I saw it on Ravelry

I actually finished it a little while back, but didn't get around to photographing it.  We got a fancy new camera this week so it was a perfect opportunity to go check out a fabric shop (40% off sale!), and get some photos.
Note:  I did not buy a single thing at the store... what a good girl am I.

Except I wasn't a good enough girl to block it before wearing it.. naughty naughty.  I'll have to have a go at steam blocking it and see how much it improves its appearance!

My husband is a great photographer right? :D  He has been teaching me how to use it...

I pretty much did exactly as the pattern said, and it was really fun and easy!  Gotta love projects like that :)

A fabric store is the perfect place for photographs... so colourful!

I could hang around in fabric stores for hours.
I don't think this is the world's most versatile scarf, but I think it'll be fun when I do wear it!  It's kinda cutesy and kinda granny-chic.  But I'm very okay with that.  In the end, you just have to wear what makes you happy. :)

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