Friday, 29 March 2013

Completed: New Look 6799

This dress has been a long time in the making.  I bought this fabric and New Look 6799 ages ago while I still had CFS, and dreamed of making a dress one day.  Well, me-of-the-past, we finally did it!
Also, me-of-the-past, can you not buy any more nasty polyester from Spotlight?  It was a nightmare to work with.

This fabric frayed like hell!  Urgh!  Also I feel it probably has a bit more drape than ideal for this style, what with the structured bodice and full skirt.  It would be a good candidate for underlining I suppose, but no way was I putting all that extra effort and cost into this crummy polyester.  lol :)

It feels good to get it out of my stash and into a garment.  And it turned out better than I expected!

I don't have many pairs of nice shoes, so I had to pair it with black.  Not my favourite combination, but it'll do.  I tried pulling it together with a black cardigan which worked alright.  Kinda reminds me of a licorice allsort :)  Getting cute new shoes is definitely on the agenda.  In fact, more cute accessories all around, please!

I made two toiles for this.  And though I know some sewers baulk at ONE, I felt I actually made progress on my goal of curbing my perfectionism.  I was considering making a third, but I went ahead with the garment.  It doesn't fit perfectly, but the most important parts fit.  I got the bust darts working for me, hooray!
I made adjustments for sloping shoulders, small bust, (very) short waist, sway back, and prominent shoulder blades.  Phew!  It took me a long time to figure everything out.
Observe though how the waistband tilts towards the back.  I tried to correct for this during fitting by taking length out of the back but clearly it needed more!  I'm thinking next time I'll add some length to the front bodice.  Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?  Maybe my body is just crazy tilted.  Stop being so weird, body.

Other than the fitting stuff, I altered the bodice to meet the neck yoke at more of an angle, curving in towards the centre more.  You can see on the pattern photo it looks quite straight up and down.  But what's the point of having a pretty yoke if you don't show it off?  (Although now I have to wear a strapless or crossover straps.)

I also used the largest size skirt to add a bit more fullness to the skirt.  This would look great with in a fabric with more body.  I like my skirts full!

The angle of the bodice at the yoke is pretty, yes?  Also the wind ruined so many photos, as usual :)
There were a few things I had to leave out.  There is a pretty detail at the back neckline with covered buttons and loops, but I found them IMPOSSIBLE due to this stupid fraying fabric, lol.  It just fell apart when I tried.  So I just put three hooks and eyes there instead. 

I also wanted to make the bow from View A, but it was huge, like a weird bow tie.  Next time maybe I'll bother altering it down to size, but the fraying was an issue again so I left it.

Why would I want a monstrosity like this on my cute dress??  Cameo from my dress form and 2nd toile :)
I also did my first invisible zip.  I did it with a regular zipper foot and found it very hard, lol.  I think I want one of them fancy invisible zipper foots.  But it turned out pretty well I think, albeit after hours of work.  Heh.

Oh and I added lining to the skirt.  I'm pleased to report that this dress was a lot easier than my first lined dress.  For example, I didn't constantly make mistakes and have to resew the seams over and over!  Ooh, maybe I'm improving?  I still haven't figured out the perfect lining technique, but what I've done is passable.  Again, I let myself off the perfectionism hook and it felt good :)

All in all, I feel good about this dress.. If only I'd finished it in time for the bloggers' meet-up, and not gotten sick.  Next time right?

After sewing a hot pink dress, I'm feeling the urge for something more practical.  I think I'll try some separates next.
But seriously, doesn't it feel great to get rid of ancient stash and ancient plans? :)

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