Monday, 8 April 2013

Finished Knit: The Mary Jane Top

I've actually been finished on this one for a while now, but hadn't gotten any decent photos!  Thanks to my sweet husband and some kind weather, I finally got some!  Hooray!

My last progress post was in January, remember that post?

The pattern is Mary Jane, and my notes are here on Ravelry.  (As usual, there are loads.)

I started this over Christmas time.  I think the knitting took me about 2 months, which really isn't bad for me!  I consider myself a slow knitter.  And boy, those puff sleeves are a lot of fabric to knit!
 The pattern is a basic pattern, with a cute stitch pattern laid out in stripes, alternating with stocking stitch.  It actually had no waist shaping at all, but I added loads!  I had to fudge the stitch pattern on the sides where the decreases/increases were, but it looks fine to my eye.

There's a slight distortion in the stitch pattern, but it's worth it for the sweet, sweet waist shaping.  Also, no I'm not pregnant, just posing oddly, haha!

Despite it being a basic pattern, I still learned quite a lot.

I'm still learning about ease with knits.  I tried to maintain a consistent 1" of negative ease- the pattern was designed for 0-3" of positive ease, so I thought I was being a bit of a rebel for going with less than that.  But honestly, it doesn't feel clingy and so I'm sure I could have gone with more negative ease.  I don't know if that only applies to this type of yarn though.  This was a merino/cotton blend yarn, and I understand that both of these are supposed to "grow".  I hope this garment doesn't end up baggy and out of shape!  I will update if it does!

Speaking of growing, I added a few rows of length to the armholes, and I ended up overdoing it.  I will have to remember for next time (it's so obvious now):  Once you've knitted the garment longer, that will pull the armholes down with the weight of the body.  Oh well, I'm not too bothered.

Ooh, I did one fancy thing- I added short rows!  I decided the neckline wasn't high enough in the back, but fine in the front so I added more rows to the back of the ribbing:

See how the ribbing is longer in the back?
That wasn't the only neckline mod I made- I added double decreases in the corners of the neckline to emphasise the square shape.  I can't take credit for it though, I got the idea off someone on Ravelry :)

Basically, I've found myself to be an incorrigible pattern tweaker.  I can't just leave it the way it is!  I also reduced the length of the top a lot.  I feel this is the perfect length for wearing on top of pretty skirts, sitting just on my hip bone.  Speaking of skirts, I'm wearing one I made, and it goes with everything it seems!

Wind playing havoc with me as usual... keep that hair in place!

I also found a new stretchy bind off which is my new fav!  It's the K2tog bind off, and it's very easy, while producing (what I feel is) a less conspicuous edge than the other stretchy bind offs I've tried.  I used it on the sleeve cuffs and hem.

Oh, and in case you think I knitted this perfectly, just be aware that I'm still ending up doing janky fixes.  Ya know, like how my stitch marker left slight laddering down the front, or how I messed up a short row and made a hole, lol.  Know what I do?  Shh, don't tell anyone, but I stitch it up on the wrong side with a tapestry needle and yarn.  Heh heh.  Hopefully as I improve I won't have to resort to that anymore.. :P

Also, in case you also thought I was glamourous, just be aware that after these photos were taken, I went inside and changed into more casual clothing.  That's right, I only put this on for photos, lol!  What a fraud :D

All in all, I'm very happy with this knit!  I think it's less practical than a cardigan though, which I think will be my knitting focus for the next while.  I want one in every shade of the rainbow, hee!

I feel the square neckline is perfect to show off a delicate piece of jewellery, which I don't get the chance to wear often, so that's nice!  And I hope I wear it out more, not just for photos.  (I'm still getting used to the idea that I can wear my knits, haha.)

I always say this, but... I'm so loving knitting right now :)

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