Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Works in Progress

Well, I was hoping to have a finished project to show you all by now, but well, I don't.  Nevertheless I thought I'd check in.
Please wish for kind weather this weekend or I'll never get these darn things photographed! lol!

Below you'll see a glimpse of the Agatha cardigan I have finished, that's right, finished!  And yet it has been languishing waiting for photographs. 

Underneath is my current project, Peabody, which I've been completely addicted to and have been eschewing all forms of sewing for (hence the lack of sewing progress!).  And I am completely obsessed with the colour lilac now.

It's coming together quite well, but I'm nervous about how the sleeves are going to work, having never done a sewn-in set-in knitted sleeve before.  Plus my gauge is slightly wacky so I hope that doesn't screw it up!

And last, the top I've been working on, which is super simple but has taken forever.  Another project I hope to photograph soon.  All I need is to hem and get the sleeves in nicely (easier said than done!).

So that's what I'm working on right now.  Does anyone else feel guilty when they don't have any finished projects to show for a while?  lol.  I figure a work in progress is better than nothing and hopefully tantalising enough to tide you over! :D 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm still here!

Hello there, it's been a while!  I feel the poor blog is being slightly neglected, though I have an excuse, having been sick.  (Boo!)
I should hopefully have some things to show you soon... *mysterious wink*

Anyway, now I'm better I met up with the ladies of The Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network again, which seems to be constantly growing!  They are such a fun group, and I always look forward to it.

Some sneaky shots:

Intensely studying fabric swatches.

Mel with her awesome Spoonflower fabric!
I didn't sign up for Me-Made-May (no chance of that working for me yet!), but I thought I'd take the chance to grab an outfit shot.  So I can prove that yes, I do wear things I've made.  :)
I wore my Milena cardigan and one of my first projects, and the first project I ever blogged

Funny story though- a bird decided to add some extra pizazz to my skirt just before getting the photo taken!  Lucky there were baby wipes on hand.  Thanks Nicola!

Note the wet patch on skirt.... lol.
Here I craftily covered up the patch.  I just had to mention it though, didn't I?
I haven't worn this cardigan much, since I feel it's quite dressy.  I have decided to put a snap at the top of the buttonband though, since it flops open.  The original design didn't put a buttonhole there, but I was too lazy to figure out how to add one in.  That'll show me for next time!  Don't cut corners guys!

Overall though, I felt really good wearing this outfit and can't wait to have a bit more of a wardrobe built up so I can wear more me-mades!

I love the Bloggers Network girls- they are so inspiring and fun.  The way blogging brings people together is great isn't it? :)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Oh Yeah, And I Made Socks

So, I made socks.

These were quite fun to make. I'd wanted to learn to make socks for a while and thought using this Very Pink Knits video course would be a good idea. I mean, there are loads of free sock patterns out there, but I wanted to support her because her knitting tutorials have been helpful to me.  They're very nicely put together. Actually I had these on my Ravelry wishlist and Gail (who has been my trusty knitting guide) gifted them to me, isn't she lovely?

I knitted these a wee while back when I was recovering from being ill with a very nasty cold, and what do you know, I'm been struck down again. Luckily I'm feeling well enough now to be back on the computer. Quite fitting that the making and posting of these socks coincide with illness, as they are the perfect big fat warm socks to wear when I have my feet up on the couch! 

They're knit in 10ply wool so they are definitely chunky home socks. They only come in one size and they have room to spare. Again I don't mind since they won't be going anywhere special, lol.  In fact I think I could knit the same size if I wanted to inflict a pair on my husband.  I mean gift them to him.

I learned a new technique while knitting them- the crochet chain provisional cast-on. I wonder what else I can use it on? These are knit from the toe up with short rows for shaping at the toe and heel. I did find a hole developed at the corner of the heel short rows though:

I did a little research and found a few people discussing methods of fixing that. More details on my Ravelry page. I'll have to try it next time!

So that's my kinda un-glamorous socks. Maybe the next socks I make will be as cool as Tasia's!

p.s Did you notice? After the great spacing debate, I am trying out using one space after my full stops... exciting times, lol.