Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Works in Progress

Well, I was hoping to have a finished project to show you all by now, but well, I don't.  Nevertheless I thought I'd check in.
Please wish for kind weather this weekend or I'll never get these darn things photographed! lol!

Below you'll see a glimpse of the Agatha cardigan I have finished, that's right, finished!  And yet it has been languishing waiting for photographs. 

Underneath is my current project, Peabody, which I've been completely addicted to and have been eschewing all forms of sewing for (hence the lack of sewing progress!).  And I am completely obsessed with the colour lilac now.

It's coming together quite well, but I'm nervous about how the sleeves are going to work, having never done a sewn-in set-in knitted sleeve before.  Plus my gauge is slightly wacky so I hope that doesn't screw it up!

And last, the top I've been working on, which is super simple but has taken forever.  Another project I hope to photograph soon.  All I need is to hem and get the sleeves in nicely (easier said than done!).

So that's what I'm working on right now.  Does anyone else feel guilty when they don't have any finished projects to show for a while?  lol.  I figure a work in progress is better than nothing and hopefully tantalising enough to tide you over! :D 

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