Friday, 28 June 2013

Indie Pattern Month

Remember a while back when I said I was in on Indie Pattern Month?  I mentioned making my long-forgotten Meringue skirt by Colette Patterns.  But what a clever girl am I!  I didn't make any promises!  And therefore I present to you:
No Meringue!!

However, the great thing about this month is that all you have to do is show some indie patterns some love, and that's what I'm going to do.
I decided to have a go at some amateur fashion sketches, showing off some Indie Pattern outfits I'd love be rocking :)
I simply drew them and photographed them.  Nothing fancy here.

Well, when I saw the finished results I didn't know if I could share them.   I'm slightly embarrassed of them.  lol.  But I know you folk aren't a judgemental lot so I'm going ahead.  Keep in mind I called them amateur for a reason....  and don't look too closely at the hands!  lol! :D 

Here we have Papercut Patterns' Watson Jacket, which I think would be some amazing winter wear, especially with a cosy long sleeved merino underneath.  I paired it with Colette's Pastille dress, which you could totally just use as a skirt pattern- I just really like the pleat detail at the hem (yes, those are pleats, not stripes!). 
This outfit is the least "me".  I tried to stretch myself a bit.  I don't know if I would wear a straight skirt like this, but I should give it a try sometime. :)

This amazing blouse, which I've promised to make myself someday, is the In-House Patterns Belle Bow Blouse.  I love it, it's so romantic with the bow and release tucks!  The skirt is the Hollyburn from Sewaholic patterns.  I'm a sucker for full skirts teamed with a fitting, sweet top- that's why I had to force myself to do at least one drawing that didn't have that combo.  

The top here is one I'm sure you'll recognise- the Renfrew!  This is the only top from this post that I've actually made (see it here)!  And the skirt is the Colette Patterns Beignet.  I love this style, and I so badly want to make one of my own.  The internet is filled with adorable versions of this skirt!

Many of these patterns are quite well-known amongst you sewing, blogging ladies.  Did you see any that were new to you?  

Drawing these was fun.  I've heard some people draw sketches of people in pretty clothes for a living... can you imagine??  What lucky people they must be...

Big P.S:  I'm sure you all know that Google Reader is closing.  So if you're not switched over yet, do it!  I am using Feedly which is working fine for me...  See Rachel's post on this if you need help getting switched... I promise it is super easy.  Stick with me and my blog folks! :D

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