Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pyjama Party!

Happy Pyjama Party everyone!  I made it!
We had a huge storm here in Wellington on the day I was planning to finish sewing these- our power went out, so that means freezing cold and no sewing!  (As well as our fence collapsing which was/is a total pain.)
Thankfully I survived (lol), and am now ready to party :)

Now, there is no point trying to look dignified in floral PJs so I just went for ridiculous instead.  I wish I had a "jumping on bed" shot, but our bed isn't sturdy enough for that kind of malarkey.  Hah!

I thought this would be a good project for me to restart my sewing mojo. I do love the fabric- a warm cosy flannelette!  The print is a really cute floral with teeny birds on it. .  I didn't remember to get a detail shot for you...
Anyway, the great thing about PJs is it's kinda hard to screw up, and if I did, it would hardly matter- it's only PJs right? 
And I did screw up!

First, I cut the pattern upside down.  (How can I spin this positively...?  Okay, well now I can look down and the print is right way up from my point of view!  OR wait, maybe they're just magical birds that fly/roost upside-down.  Yeah, that's it.)

Then I tried to make the fit better (Yes, I even had to try to do some fitting on PJs!)  This kinda worked, but not perfectly.  Well, I think I learned something, and I'll probably make another pair and experiment some more!  PJs= sewing freedom!  I may elaborate on the fitting experiments later if I feel it's worthwhile...

Here I am wearing them with my bunny slippers... match made in heaven right?  To complete it perfectly, I'd have a Renfrew PJ top I suppose.

I totally wish I had the Sewaholic Tofino pattern though.  It has much nicer design and details (I'm sure a better fit too).  This pattern, McCalls 5989 is as basic as you can get.  It also is designed to fit at the waist.  I'm not into that, so I cut the top off.  Oh yeah, and I also made the nightie from this pattern ages ago.. I'd like to have another go at that too!

One weird thing about this pattern is that it specified to buy two metres of elastic.  What?  You think my waist is that big, McCalls?  That's more than enough for TWO sets of PJ pants, you weirdos.  Stop trying to waste my money. 

Anyway, a big thanks to Karen for hosting this event.  It's a lot of fun, and a great idea!  Here is my most ridiculous pose ever, just for you.

Party on, everyone!! 

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