Monday, 1 July 2013

Completed: New Look 6808- Nightmare Edition

Tada!  A sweet, innocent top!

Just kidding, not innocent at all.  This simple top is what has been killing my excitement for sewing... The pattern is New Look 6808.  If you didn't know by now, it's kinda my nemesis.
This super summery top has taken me so long to make it's now not weather appropriate at all.  Haha.
It looks so easy...  but I'm pretty sure it's cursed.
No, I'm being dramatic.  It's all me- I went to a bad fitting place on this (AGAIN).  You see, I thought I had all the issues ironed out, but then they cropped up again when I started on the final garment!  That cursed back view!
Ugh, I kept trying it on, getting poor husband to take photos of the back, wincing at the result, fiddling with the centre back seam and darts, rinse and repeat, ad infinitum, etc, etc.  It was not fun!

That is one depressing way to sew.  In the end, getting another sewist, Maryanne (she's awesome and an expert- I'm lucky I know her!), to fiddle with the back for me was the answer.  If it wasn't for her, the garment probably would be burned by now.  lol!

Ahh it's like all the trauma is forgotten.  Almost.

This cotton voile seems to be a sticky and grippy fabric, which I think causes wrinkles to form so much more easily when it clings to itself, your skin, and your garments.  Which means you just have to let it go!  However, I am glad the back is looking much more respectable than it did.  Phew!

So back to some positive stuff- I did have fun experimenting with a few things on this top.  I added a self drafted pointed collar, which went quite smoothly in terms of construction- that was nice for a change!  I think I would refine the shape for next time though, making the collar less wide at the shoulders, instead of the same width all the way around.  I used Gertie's tutorial series.

As the width is now, to me it has a slight hint of this guy:
Did I make a pilgrim collar?
Okay, now I've probably ruined the collar forever for you right?  Moving on!

I tried out a sort of neckline split thing at the back, but it droops a bit, I guess due to the weight of the collar.  I don't even know if I did it right- I just stopped the centre back seam early and called it a day.    It's kinda all-around pointless, but I guess it was a good experiment!

For the top of the neckline split, I did my first rouleau loop and my first self covered button (which you totally can't see hidden under the collar!).  The rouleau loop was a bit of a despair moment until I found this nifty method by Steph C which worked out for me!  Hopefully I can incorporate some more rouleau loops into another garment.  They are pretty cool :)

Neckline detail that no-one will notice,  heh!
Hem and side zip- I did them both by hand.  I love how invisible it looks with the busy print!

The sleeves were a bit iffy- they really didn't want to ease in nicely, particularly at the back armscye.  I think the sleeve pattern needs more tweaking (I already had a play with it so it's totally messed up, haha!  But to be fair, it was bad to begin with).  Anyway, I just left the puckers totally intentional gathers in.  By that time I was totally over the garment, and really, I don't think it's noticeable anyway!

Here I tucked it in.  I think I like both ways.  Also: pockets on skirts are amazing.  I must make some pocket-y skirts!

So what did I learn?  Well, putting this garment away for a while after finishing it was good.  I could distance myself from it and now my hate for it has turned to cautious like.

I also learned that I really hate tweaking a garment during its construction.  Even though I made a muslin/toile (oh who am I kidding, I've made half a million by now), I probably could have saved myself a bit of grief by making another.  ALTHOUGH, toiles can be their own form of grief, can't they?  So I'm not sure what I've learned here!

I do know I obsess a bit too much over fit.  I'm still learning to find a balance.  My friend Joy of A Charm of Magpies said to me a while ago "Bodies move, fabric wrinkles".  And I think that's a perfect way of looking at it...
So here goes.  Let's get that body moving!
Look at all my wrinkles!!

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