Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Completed: Peabody Pullover

Ahh finally! I started this all the way back in February! I then gave up with gauge issues and made my Agatha, before returning to this with a vengeance! (Gosh that seems an age ago!)
Also, I have had this ready to post for ages, but didn't until now.  Things got in the way, oops!
But I love it! And wow, it's so warm!

I fell in love with this pattern a long time ago. Isn't the lace panel just gorgeous? I love how impressive it is, but here's the secret: knitting this lace was actually really easy, and I'm totally not a genius. All I had to do was follow a chart. That's it!
I love the way it's styled on the model, but I have no button up blouses. I'd love to make one though.
I think this jersey would also go really well with skirts too. I have so many things that I've made in my head that would go great with this. Isn't that always the way? Get out of my brain and into my sewing machine! I could be way more stylish than wearing my old jeans with this.

Imagine I'm wearing this with a super stylish skirt or something.  lol.   Ooh I bet it would be nice layered over a dress!

Alright, let's talk fitting. I completely modded the pattern sizing. Everything from the armpits down is 100% custom, lol!
That was quite a tough thing to do, but things are getting clearer in my head and I feel I will just get faster and faster at making sizing mods.  Well, I hope :)

First I had to figure out how much ease I wanted. I didn't want a skin tight garment, as this is supposed to be a relaxed layering piece after all. The pattern recommended 0 to 2" ease at the bust.
However, the waist shaping is relatively minimal so there's a lot more ease than that at the waist. My version is a lot more curvy! 

In the end I aimed for around zero ease in the bust and hips, and 1" in the waist. See how I said around zero ease? That's right, I am releasing my grip on the need for absolute precision. Slowly. lol :) 
You see, when customising stitch counts and spacing out decreases, it usually makes life easier to round numbers up or down, so I did. It was quite fun actually, once I felt like I knew what I was doing.

I also lengthened it a bit. For this one I chose it to sit 2.5" below my high hip. I'm all about getting that hemline to sit in the perfect place to balance one's figure optimally. If I keep track of the length of my garments, then I can use them for reference next time, or that's the plan! What do you think of the length? I figure it should cover the top of my jeans and not be too long, or I'll get the stump-leg effect. 
The sleeves are also made longer, as my arms always seem to need that extra length.

Lacy sleeve detail
Oh my gosh though, I still am not convinced on bottom up garments. You can't just try them on as you go! I can't imagine knitting it without doing some maths, you wouldn't have a clue how it was going to sit on your body!
And then there's this whole "knitting the sleeves in the round" business. I guess I still have a lot of practice to go on DPNs because they are so awkward for me.

I did some fancy construction stuff that was new to me. I changed the shoulder slope bind offs to short rows, a tip I picked up in the free Craftsy course on short rows. I found it very tricky to figure out but I eventually got there. It took ages. Don't judge. lol.
And I felt fancy because I did some maths on the lace! I worked out how many rows it would take me to get to the neckline (since my length was all modded too), and applied that to the lace chart so it would finish with a "leaf" at the neckline, just like the sample garment. Sweet satisfaction!
Anyway, I could go on about tiny details all day, but I won't. More project details are on Ravelry here. Have some pictures.

The back is a bit spacious due to my sway back, but it doesn't bother me.  All my knits want to do this I think!
Looking smug and very squinty.
I do feel like I learned a lot on this garment, and made plenty of mistakes too, but it was fun. I still have a lot of patches of funny tension in my knitting (especially near the m1 right increases- anyone get that?), but I'm okay with that.

I'm obsessed with the colour lilac now. Actually, lots of other pastels too. I have an urge to find more lilac yarn and make a cardigan in the same shade! But I find it so hard to find the perfect colour that I'm after when I get like this! I end up trawling the internet with nothing to show for it... Shopping for yarn is serious business you guys. Don't even get me started on how there doesn't seem to be any 10ply yarn in New Zealand! Oops, started ranting there...

Anyway, that's my Peabody.

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