Friday, 5 July 2013

Merry Christmas!

Recently the Wellington Sewing Bloggers got together and had a mid-Winter Christmas!  Don't be confused, it's just that us kiwis have our Christmas in summer, so sometimes we play pretend Christmas in the middle of winter.  Makes perfect sense right?
Huge thanks to Joy for hosting, organising, and making it such an awesome time.

Much crafty fun and gossip was had by all of course.  And we had an ornament swap!

Me pulling a weird face while I open mine!

Kat opening the ornament I made!
All the presents together.  I love Mel's reindeer.. gotta make one!
Here's a close up of the cute wee angel I received from Maryanne:

I worked really hard on my ornament, putting way too much effort in as usual, haha!
I started with this pattern but had to modify it when I couldn't find the supplies I needed!

Anyway, I have this light box that I made ages ago, so I thought I'd better put the darn thing to use!  (Not sure if was worth making, but I guess it does make nice pics!)

The icing and cupcake part are amigurumi from the pattern.  The base is hand stitched felt (finished with a blanket stitch on the top and bottom, with running stitch for vertical lines).  I designed the cherry and hanger myself.  I got a tiny hook and some perle cotton for that bit.  So fiddly!  The hanger is just a long chain anchored to the ornament.  And the cherry is just a stuffed ball!  Not too complicated, but it took me ages, haha!  Micro crochet was fun though.

Back view for good luck.  You can see the felt seam here and the "sprinkles" a bit better.
The craft was a fun diversion, and it seems a lot less stressful than sewing can be- if you fail you don't have to try and wear it!  lol.  It was also good to keep my crochet in practice... you never know when you'll need it! :)  
I put a lot of love into it, so I hope Kat's tree enjoys this ornament for years to come.

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