Monday, 2 September 2013

Completed: The Blair Cardigan

Yay, another cardigan!

Me in my default pose again! lol 
This is Blair, a pretty basic top-down raglan cardigan. I've been dreaming of making a navy cardigan, because I love navy as a basic. So I didn't want it too fancy- the design details are pretty understated. It's kind of a casual cardigan. I'm wearing it with a Renfrew. I really need more striped tops, you can't have too many!

There are eyelets down the sides, sleeves, and around the button band. It's a bit interesting I guess. But the shawl collar is awesome, I love a good shawl collar! 

Showing off the sleeve detail.
I decided to be true to the cardigan's design and go for 1 inch of ease on the body, but this has just confirmed to me I'm all about the negative ease!! Negative ease for life people. I just love the form fitting look. Not that I hate this cardigan though! I am finding it's got a great casual vibe, but I feel like it just doesn't have the snug look that would make it great over dresses and skirts. So here I am in my jeans again! However, this does actually mean I'll end up wearing it more, heh!

I totally complain about this every time, but I really got to get some better jeans, haha. Shopping for them is a nightmare though, so I never do it!!

I find that with positive ease, it always pools at my back.

Fabric pooling. Adds to the casualness.
I've worn it with only a few of the buttons done up, but it also looks nice all done up.

The yarn I used is pure wool, but it was pretty cheap. Some of the balls were kind of unevenly spun, but it doesn't really show. It looks fine, but I'm interested to see if it holds up well over time. I bought it from, which is a NZ based yarn mill, so that's one reason why it's cheap- price doesn't always denote quality! I still have a lot to learn about yarn.

The sleeves turned out long, and sleeves always seem to lengthen when I block them too! I just cuffed them, but I actually really like pulling them down when I want warm hands. So no complaints here!

(Goofy cracking up pic)
I used my new favourite bind-off again for the 1X1 rib. It takes forever to sew with the tapestry needle, but it just looks so good! Oh yeah, and I think I found a mistake, as the lace that starts down the "side seams" after the armpit are divided doesn't line up right, so I did my own thing there. More of my knitterly notes are here on Ravelry.

So yeah, I'm pretty happy with it, and call me mad, but I totally have plans for another navy cardigan in my future. One I can wear with dresses and skirts! You can't have too much navy guys!! Okay, actually, I may have to go on a navy ban soon. But not yet :)

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