Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Completed Knitting Project: Corazon

Lookit, another knitted project! I realise sewing projects have been a little thin on the ground here lately but I promise I've got some in the pipeline, heh heh!
My amazing friend Yuko took these pictures for me- are you enjoying not being in my backyard for once?

I made a special effort to get this pattern knitted up fast as it was part of a deal between Lauren of Lladybird and me- I'm sure many of you know I derive inordinate glee from making the same project as anyone else. The two of us joke that we are knitting twins because we have super similar taste in knitting patterns and have made a bunch of the same projects!
When she mentioned she wanted to knit something in kelly green I screamed "me too!!" and thus the plan was born. We would both knit something green and blog our projects on the same day for fun!
So go rush over and see hers, it's amazing of course! I stole a pic just for you, stunning right?
Mine is definitely more of an emerald than a kelly green, but doesn't matter, it's GREEN okay?

The pattern is Corazon by Julia Trice, and it's such a beautiful lace pattern. I used (expensive, eep!) merino yarn from Biggan Design. It's my most expensive knit yet, but I had to have that perfect shade (see what happens when you supply shade cards, yarn companies??)

The pattern wasn't really straightforward, I had a lot of hiccups with it, but the designer was really helpful, so full marks for that. (And now I really want to knit another of her designs). I actually discovered a mistake in the pattern so she's going to be revising it! Once I got past the tricky bits, it wasn't too bad. But there were definite hair-pulling moments before that. All my notes are on Ravelry.

Now, sometimes the wind is kind and just makes your hair look lively...
But there were a lot of shots that looked like this! Ack!

Lauren gave me the genius idea of making it cropped, which is awesome because a) It looks great with high-waisted skirts, and dresses.  b) It takes less time to knit (lol!)  and c) I didn't have to buy as much of that expensive yarn! 
The thing about cropping it at the waist though was that I couldn't build in any waist-shaping without disrupting the lace pattern. So I just knitted it straight and hoped the ribbing would pull in enough.
It does pull in, but it's not as figure hugging as I prefer.  I did four decreases in the first row of ribbing to add a little shaping (but let's be honest, that's not going to make a huge difference). I probably could have done more, but I didn't want too much sudden decreasing to make a funny shape? Knitting experts, what are your thoughts here?

I'm pretty happy with the negative ease in the rest of the garment though. I sized down from the recommended 1" of negative ease at the bust to about 2.5" negative ease. I love me that negative ease!

Here, I tried it with a belted waist but I don't really like the look. I think it makes me look LARGER at the waist if anything!

So yeah, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I'm wearing it with a RTW dress here (made of polyester, ick!). I hope to have more and more me-made skirts and dresses to pair with it in the future. :) Green's not a usual colour for me but I really like it. I'll have to make sure to get some colour coordination happening in my closet!

Also, I'm silly because I forgot to take a detail shot of the decreases under the arm. I freestyled it because it wasn't explained in the pattern. I'll put a shot up on Ravelry when I can. By the way, just in case you don't know, Ravelry is the best thing ever.


Lacy sleeve!
I had to put this photo in cos Yuko's such a great photographer :)
So, in conclusion, YAY KNITTING TWINS! I think Lauren is so inspiring, and I always covet her knits :) This pattern is called Corazon which means heart. I'm not normally one to make cutesy names for my projects but I had to call this "My heart is green...with envy". I can't resist a silly pun :P
OMG I just realised the lace looks like hearts too. Hence the name! How did I only just figure this out now??? What a dummy!! Hahaha.
I think I'll end the post on that amazing revelation! :D

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