Tuesday, 15 October 2013

We All Make Mistakes!

So a while back, I wrote a post called "Some Thoughts on Creativity and Self-Criticism". It was about how badly I've treated myself with negative self-talk, and the ongoing process of building a positive relationship with sewing and the creative process.

I was really wowed by all the amazing responses from everyone out there! What an inspiring bunch you all are! Anyway, I've been working on it, and decided I needed to create a reminder.
So I had a go at designing an embroidery.

Guess what? It's not perfect, and I don't care! So here it is.

Basically I wanted to create a retro-style image, that was cutesy and fun. I haven't much experience with embroidery so it's pretty basic and unpolished. Part of the learning process right?

As for the design itself, someone I showed it to mentioned the large rear end of the lady holding the iron. That may be because I got my husband to take a picture of me posing for reference. So yeah, the lady definitely looks like me, though I probably accentuated the curves even more. Haha! (Now I can't take my eyes off the giant rear-end!) I sort of wanted it to evoke the pin-up girl style without being sexy. Just cute and vintage-y.

I hope you can tell what the scenario is here! It's supposed to be a seamstress who's burned a hole in her latest dress with an iron!

Hair in stem stitch, and a thinner back stitch.
Pretty much all back stitch. The iron cord is a whipped back stitch (or was it whipped running stitch? lol)
More back stitch? You guessed it. All pretty basic stuff.

I haven't figured out how I want to display it on my wall, whether I want to do something fancy with the embroidery hoop or just leave it plain. (What do you guys think?)

But I hope it serves as a reminder to me not to take sewing too seriously. Especially the mistakes! I sometimes have this (false) view that things are easy for everyone but me, and no-one makes dumb mistakes but me. It's so not true. I hope I can look at this and use it to keep positive :)

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