Monday, 4 November 2013

Completed: Jalie 2921

Bow! Purple! Knit Fabric! Assemble to create a pretty, easy garment!
Here is the result. Jalie 2921 is a success.
Here I am wearing it with my New Look 6594, which I will forever resent for being a lint and dust magnet, but is still a good basic. lol

Umm, yay for this pattern, it is so cute! I don't have too much to say on it, other than yay for easy.
The sizing is good, I graded out two sizes for the hips to match my measurements on the chart. I compared it to the Sewaholic Renfrew, my trusted knit top, and it helped reassure me it should fit okay. I was smart enough to make a preemptive strike on the waist length though, and folded out an inch of length front and back before cutting.
This is one of those adjustments it seems I always have to make.

And I'm glad it did fit; Jalie patterns only have a 6mm seam allowance, so no room for error! I guess that cuts down on trimming, but I'd rather have the seam allowance safety net in case I picked the wrong size!

I guess those wrinkles in my lower back are the sway back thing again. It doesn't bother me on this garment.
Just tuck it in. :)
One new thing I did on this project was learn how to use a twin needle. I was unsure of if I was doing it right, but I guess it worked. Funny, I was reading all these tips about all the things you can do to make your twin needle hems work, being very studious and careful. And then I just did a test and it worked fine without any extra techniques needed! I'm thinking those tips would come in handy on thin, slippery, and disagreeable knit fabrics though. However, mine was very kind to me. It's a rayon knit fabric which is a good weight and drape to accomodate the bow.

I enjoyed the twin needle hems- they look good, stretch nicely, and are less work than bands like the Renfrew has (in my opinion).

Here is how I set up my machine. You just run both threads along the same path! Apparently it helps to put the two threads on either side of the tension disc, and only put one thread through the guide just before the needle. Easy peasy right?

Since I used my bobbin for the second top thread, I was totally too lazy to thread another bobbin for down below. So I used a different colour underneath. No-one will see my shame. I mean totally intentional secret design feature. Yeah.

At first I thought zig zag on the bottom looked weird, pulling inwards, but this tutorial shows it looking like that so it must be fine. *shrugs* Looks good from the outside so... good!

I tried untucking it but I think I like it better tucked in. Also BOWS!

Oh, one thing I noticed about this pattern is that it calls for a fabric with stretch along both grains, but mine doesn't and it's absolutely fine, so that's good! Also, it didn't call for reinforcing of the shoulder seam with tape of any kind. I wonder if the shoulder seams will stretch out and sag? I'll call it an experiment.

I'm happy with this top, and I think the fit is good (I'm very lenient on knit fabric garments which is freeing for me!). And my husband was impressed so bonus points there. The easier a garment is, the more impressed he seems to be. Dude, you've got it backwards! Haha.

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