Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Completed Knit: Georgina Cardigan

Okay, honesty time! I've had this completed for a bit but didn't blog it till now. Naughty! But it's my blog, so there.

Weird cheeky face.
And YES, I know I JUST paired my last Renfrew with the exact same circle skirt! 
Forgive me!
I need more skirts in my wardrobe, and I also don't have any dresses that go with this. Bad wardrobe planning I suppose, haha! Imagine this with a pretty lacy or chiffon style underneath though. Dreamy! I must make it happen. Here I've paired it with a simple pink singlet. This garment deserves so much more than that!

I fell in LOVE with this design the second I saw Kristin link it on her blog, a long time ago. I knew it had to be mine! It's on Ravelry here, and see my notes here.
I used the recommended yarn, which is a 50% alpaca, 50% wool blend. That's why it's got that slightly soft, fuzzy effect to it, and it's lovely and warm. OH, and I'm embarrassed to say, I already have a garment made of that exact yarn in that exact colour, and I just couldn't help going back for more. I love a graceful grey!!

Of course, the love affair didn't go smoothly- the pattern starts at a size of 36.5"- too big for me. However, it is knitted and constructed in a very different way, and it's covered in lace patterns! Modding wouldn't be easy!
After a lot of thought, swatches, and a few false starts (so frustrating!), I settled on going down 2 needle sizes to get a smaller gauge than the pattern, but also modding the pattern a little.

I took a few stitches off the front, and also decided to knit the ribbing (which is picked up from the body and goes around the whole garment) a little shorter. It's tricky though, because if you modded it to be a lot shorter to get rid of width across the bust, you'd lose some of the lovely shawl collar, and also length in the back waist! Unless of course you did short rows to compensate... You can see how I almost cooked my brain on this one right?

I think it ended up well though. Maybe on the tight side if anything, but that's how I roll. lol. I think it's not so much that it's tight, more that I worry about the stability of what is probably negative ease, all being held on a mere 3 buttons! It seems to be coping however...

Faux detail shot where I just zoomed in on a picture, lol. Lazy blogger!
Also, I extended the sleeves to full length, adding my own decreases in to keep them fitted. Again, a bit on the snug side, haha! I think I got a little carried away and next time would do less decreases, but I suppose it doesn't impact the garment negatively.

One side shot! Check my arm lace!
Two side shots! Just because.
Knitting the lace was fun, and I totally spontaneously became a knitting ninja, because I figured out on my own how to fix lace that I messed up in the row below. I just laddered down the stitches and changed where the yarn overs and decreases were located without having to rip back a row. I've gained so much confidence with my knitting! 
Ugh though, blocking the lace was a pain though. So many pins, and so much stretching! I was very aggressive with it.

Streeeeeeeeeetch that lace.
Anyway, I really like how this came out. The design is just so lovely and I'm a sucker for a bolero of course. I feel like I don't have the perfect complement to it in my wardrobe but here's hoping I remedy that!

Gotta have a back shot. See, I wouldn't want it any longer in back!

Not sure what I'm doing here, heh :)
Now that the weather is warming up I probably won't get to wear it much for a while, but hey, that'll give me time to make something else to pair it with... Heh. What would you pair with it? :)

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