Wednesday, 1 January 2014

More Top 5!

It's been great seeing everyone's top 5 posts pop up.
This time I'm talking reflections and goals. And since I'm too lazy to make separate lists, I think I'll tie these two together!

Number 1
Reflection: This year I've been REALLY hard on myself. I wrote about this in my post "Some thoughts on creativity and self-criticism". The response in the comments was quite amazing! It seems I'm not alone in struggling with my own nasty inner voice. I'm working on it, but that voice is so ingrained, it still gets away with a lot. So my goal is to conquer that voice in 2014. Hey, even if every garment I made was a failure, would that make it okay to beat myself up? No!
Seeing all these round-up posts at this time of year, it's so easy to compare yourself to others and conclude you're not as good as them. I know comparison is a thief of joy, so that is a big part of my goal too.

So my goal is:
To be kind and lovely to myself and not compare myself to others.

Number 2
Reflection: I've had many many fitting nightmares since I started sewing. I believe this boils down to two reasons 
- I am a perfectionist and can't stand to make a garment without a proper fit.
- I have a non-standard body. Sorry, I'm just not the girl in the pattern envelope! I get so jealous of bloggers who say "it fit perfectly right out of the envelope!". Those lucky devils!! Whoops, let's not compare ourselves to others...
My fitting features seem to be: sloping shoulders, forward shoulders, rounded back, small bust, very short waist, sway back, big butt. There are probably more too. Eep!
I have to accept that this is me for now, (though hey, bodies change. You never know, I might become a yoga master...hmmm, yeah right!) which is part of goal one. I gotta be kind to my non-standard body.

May I remind you THIS is what happens when I make "straight from the envelope". Sorry for the nightmares...
However, that alone won't fix my fit issues. And I don't want to compromise my fit standards. So to reduce the time spent in the muslin-zone for the next year, my goal is:

To work with plenty of"tried-and-true" patterns where I've already done the fitting, while still learning more about fit.

Number 3
Reflection: I've enjoyed dabbling in some light drafting/modding this year, most notably with the famous Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic (my roundup of mine and others' mods is here!), and with my New Look 6808 mod (which I don't really like, but it was a good experiment I guess, heh.)

Puff-sleeve Renfrew, yesss!
I like playing with patterns for several reasons- the fitting is already done, you don't have to buy another pattern (saving money, woo!), and you get to put a bit more of you into a pattern!
I hope to continue this, and maybe even get fancier.

My goal is: To play more with base patterns to make some fun modifications.

Number 4
Reflection: This year I've had quite a lot of time on my hands to indulge my hobbies, which has led to me making a reasonable amount despite my snail's pace! 
To let you in a bit on my personal life, ever since I got well 2 years ago, I've been putting my life together, and it's been a slow, confused process. I've been working a dead-end, mind-numbing job, BUT I've proven to myself I can now function like a real person, which is amazing!! This coming year I'll be studying full-time, which will be new and freaky, but I can't wait to start using my brain. It'll be a huge adjustment, and I surely won't have the same time and mind-space for craft that I have had this year.

So my goal is: To be okay with sacrificing my blog and hobby a bit while I *finally* have a go at making something of myself!

Number 5
Reflection: My sewing space has been a total mess this year. We have a tiny house and I use the spare bedroom. It's badly organised (which slows down my sewing), and it's messy too. I need to find some ways to make this space work better for me. I really don't enjoy organising and cleaning so I may have to bribe myself heavily to do it. Eep!
And, no, there shall be no "before" pic. It's simply too horrific.

It'll look like this! HAHA, just kidding, I'll settle for not having crap all over the floor. Image from pinterest

So the last, most practical goal is: To keep a tidier, better organised creative space.

I made 5 goals last year as well, and I would rate my success with them as well...not that good. Lol! Damnit! I still bought new patterns, made excessive plans, and fell into the perfectionism trap. I did make some progress on fitting, but I wasn't very good at project monogamy. I won't view all these as a failure though. I made progress in some areas, and changed my priorities in others. It's a process. It's a journey!

I'm sorry to say I'll probably be around here a little less in the new year (noooo! I'll miss you guyssss), but I feel like I'm finally moving forward with life after being stuck for so long. I think goal number one is going to be the most important thing for both my hobby and the other areas of my life. Let's revisit:

To be kind and lovely to myself and not compare myself to others.

I know there will be plenty of young people studying that won't have had 10 years of their life taken away by illness, and I aim to skip the comparison, and just do my best. I can do it. I can!!
Well, wishing all of you a fantastic New Year, and loads of positivity. Do you believe in making goals? Have you made some? Any tips for me on how to achieve mine?? :D

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