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Fitting Vogue 8766: Final Thoughts and Review of "Sew the Perfect Fit"

Woo! With the bodice-fitting done, let's get back to more fun garment posts on this blog soon (well, hopefully)!
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After! Garment post is here. (must tweak the CF waist seam upwards slightly for next time ;) )
I'd like to round up with a review of the course and what I've learned.

I learned to face what is non-standard about my body. 
First off, everyone is different. To expect to have the exact body the pattern is drafted for is silly.

Secondly, after all my years of illness, it's probably impacted my body shape. And now I'm well, I'm still unfit! There, I said it. I'm unfit, world!! I feel this may be another reason for some of the things I have to adjust for.

Should I beat myself up about this? Or should I just accept who I am right now and that I may change in the future? (Hint: it's the second one).
The point is, even if I become a bodybuilder or a total hunchback, at least I'm building fitting tools to help me if and when my body changes.

It's a challenge, but I am learning to accept my body for what it is!
It was actually good to see all the other students' photos within the Craftsy class, because it was nice to see that I'm not the only one who struggles to get a good fit, and that there are other non-standard bodies out there :)

I learned that my fitting issues are pretty consistent.
I found myself making the alterations I've discovered a need for across the many pattern companies I've tried out, so I suppose that's good to know. I'm no longer hoping for some magical pattern to come along that will happen to fit me from the envelope!

I learned new methods of tackling fitting and pattern alteration.
The more ways I try, I more I discover what feels right for me. The great thing is that there is no "wrong" way, as long as it works for you!

I learned that internet people are the coolest.
I want to say, thank you SO much to all the lovely, lovely comments you guys gave me, encouraging me, giving me advice, and letting me know you guys have fit issues too. It really helped me along, and I highly appreciate them! You guys are fantastic! :D

And now for my review of the class:

Sew the Perfect Fit on Craftsy
-Content-wise, it was good value, though I wouldn't call it a comprehensive resource for fitting. Three different models were fitted, so a variety of fitting challenges were covered. The initial muslin-altering stage was followed up with how to transfer it to the pattern, which was great to see. I learned a lot of new ways to tackle pattern-work.

-I enjoyed the slash and hack approach to pattern fitting. I enjoy the intuition of this approach, and also, who doesn't like slicing up fabric? She describes the muslin as a laboratory, which is a great way to think of it. There's such freedom to it; drawing on the fabric, cutting slits to relieve tension... which is why I don't believe in wearable muslins, unless the fitting issues are extremely minor.

-I was impressed by the prompt replies from the teacher, though the answers were not always thorough enough to address the questions I brought up. I like to understand everything about what I'm doing, so it was sometimes frustrating.
The difficulty in communication is a standard downfall of such a medium though, I suppose.

-This is more of an annoyance at the Craftsy platform, but the commenting system kinda sucks when you want to add photos. You can only add one photo per comment, and when viewing comment threads you have to click on each photo individually to view them at a good size. It's a real pain to deal with.

-I liked the personality of the teacher. No fluff, just good information. I've viewed other classes where the teacher waffles on and on about irrelevant material for minutes, which is so frustrating.

-The pattern is included as part of the class, and I think it is a good choice of pattern. A basic darted bodice and fitted skirt, which I feel is a great tool once the fit is correct! One thing I would have preferred is for the sleeve to be a standard set-in sleeve with no darts in the head. I haven't tackled fitting the sleeve at all yet. The journey is just getting started!

Final thoughts:
YAY IT'S OVER!! I hope to use this bodice for the base of many garments, to avoid future fitting headaches. Also, huge thanks to my husband for pinning me in so many times and taking photos of me wearing hideous bedsheets. What a gem right? :)
I hope these fitting posts helped some people. Now let's make some garments!

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