Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Giveaway Winner and Boss Me Around!

So as you may or may not know, I participate in The Monthly Stitch, a blog where a bunch of sewers get together and sew to a theme each month (though I don't always succeed at that!).
March's challenge is to sew up a pattern that's been lurking in your stash, but the catch is, the readers get to decide. Eep! My fate is in your hands...
Here are my three choices:

#1: The Colette Beignet Skirt:
Fear factor: 4/5
This is such an elegant design; I've wanted to sew it forever, but it scares me for these reasons:
-A semi-fitted skirt, eeeeep! Muslin time! (I have tried to muslin a fitted skirt pattern before and it didn't end well. I think I've learned from that though, so it might WILL go better this time.)
-Loads of seams!
-The challenge of sewing with corduroy

This won't be a quick make but it really is a beautiful pattern. I have burgundy corduroy in mind.

#2: The Kelly Skirt by Megan Neilsen:

Fear Factor: 2/5
This is quite similar to Beignet I admit, but a lot simpler. It's more casual and fun I think. Again I have corduroy in mind! I'm not trying to cheat the poll by putting in two patterns so similar, I promise! It's just that both patterns have been lurking on me! Haha.

-The challenge of sewing with corduroy

#3: The Shirtwaist Dress from Gertie's Book for Better Sewing

Fear factor: 5/5
-Buttoooooons (Seems I've set myself up for buttons whatever I do. Oh dear.)
-Sleeves and collar!
-Last year I went through the muslin fail-zone with this pattern so I'm still a bit scarred (TWO awful muslins and no finished garment. Yeah.). My new idea is to use my new fitted bodice from Vogue 8766 as a base, and Frankenpattern the rest together. Which I have no idea how to do...Heh.

I have a navy linen in mind for this.

So yes, for these patterns I'm simultaneously excited and terrified.
Please vote here and you can add your reasons in the comments too! :D

Which Pattern Should I Make?
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Oh, and let's not forget the giveaway for my blog's second birthday!
The winner of the giveaway is...
Kirsty of Tea and Rainbows who wanted the Hot Cider Pullover... good choice!
Please get in touch with me to claim your prize, you lucky thing you :)

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