Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Completed: Knitted Beret

Hello! Yes, I still exist, and I made a beret!
Also can I just say, the Tiramisu I'm wearing is a rumpled MESS, whoops!
This is Colette, a free pattern- here on Ravelry. It's a very simple design, perfect for bus-knitting. I have been taking loads of buses for school which definitely takes a lot of hours out of my week! I can't be too mad if I can use that time to knit though.
Full-time study + some part-time work = not as much sewing, 
especially considering how tired I am when I get home (boo!). Well, that's life! So the blog will be a bit sleepy. Don't cry too much guys :)

I quite liked it when I tried it on before blocking. Then I blocked it over a 10" plate (well, actually mine was a pot lid), and I think it drooped and stretched downwards a bit over the edges of the lid. So it ended up a bit bigger than I wanted. I actually did swatch for this even though I know some people wouldn't bother for a simple beret. But better safe than sorry I say. I knitted the swatch in the round, obviously, or a swatch would be pointless, as my purls are a different tension to my knits! Explanation here. I used the "whole loop" method. Plus, I was subbing in an 8ply for a 10ply. New Zealanders who can't find 10ply, this is for you: Ashford Tekapo can be knit at a 10ply gauge. In fact, I've tried knitting it at an 8ply gauge and it was horrible and tight, so I feel it is quite a heavy 8ply. YMMV of course! I bought it at Made Marion, a lovely craft shop to go visit, Wellington people! ;) 

I wasn't sure about making this up, because I don't even know if I suit berets, having never owned or worn one. I'm a beanie girl, historically!
But I definitely want to be as cool as Erin from Miss Crayola Creepy because she rocks a good beret. Have you seen her awesome Stray beret by the way??

The best part of this hat is DEFINITELY the little French beret-style knobby thingy! It's knitted i-cord.
I'm not sure this is quite "me", though my husband likes it.
I decided my options were to: 
1) re-knit it with a smaller needle 
2) pull it apart and pretend it never happened
3) see if it grows on me (well, it's already grown on itself!! HAHA)

Seeing it in the photos I think I do like it okay after all. I love the colour obviously, and it seems great for someone like me who's too lazy to do my hair, since you can just tuck it inside...

Still. I find it weird. 
Attempting to wear it draped to side, and giving it a suspicous side-eye:

So there are a few ways to wear it, even if I'm not convinced they suit me.
But definitely don't wear it like this:

And yeah, that's my hat! There's not much to say about it, other than yay for simple construction! It's knitted in the round. I didn't bother with double pointed needles, I just magic looped the whole thing. Pretty manageable, plus yikes, no way do I want to be poking around with 4 or 5 DPNs on the bus. Nightmare! I'd definitely be paranoid about losing them too!

However, I've recently been intrepid enough to knit cables on the bus. Haha. I wonder if people think I'm totally odd. Well I say, life's too short to waste perfectly good bus time! :)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Goron Amigurumi

I actually finished this project a long time ago but never blogged it. I felt maybe it was too incongruous with the general garment theme of my blog that's happening right now, but then I was was all "wait a minute, I can post whatever I like on my blog!".
So here is a weird little amigurumi I designed.