Friday, 30 May 2014

Completed: Miette Skirt for Sewing Indie Month!

I did it! I've been wanting to make the Miette Skirt from Tilly and the Buttons forever (I say that a lot with my makes!). And the fact that I had my Miette cardigan to pair with it only sweetened the deal! Matchy heaven!

Miette + Miette. Double Miette.
Umm, and as seems to be a trend lately, by the time I finished it, it was seasonally inappropriate.  Meh, I can wait a few months to wear it I suppose. Haha. Maybe I should start a bunch of summer projects now, in the dead of winter. That'll probably work out great! But it did work in with Sewing Indie Month! I put it in the "Everyday Casual" category. And I think it'll get plenty of wear. When it warms up (lol).

This is a polycotton chambray. It's lightweight while the pattern calls for medium weight, but I thought it should be okay. And it seems to have worked. It actually holds the A-line shape quite well. I'd like to get more knowledgeable about choosing fabric and anticipating how it will sew up.

The Miette skirt is a very beginner-friendly pattern. I totally wish I'd learned to sew with Tilly's patterns! I love that she understands that beginners need hand-holding. I know a few things now though, so I used the basic instructions with no pictures, instead of using the detailed photo tutorials on her site. I screwed up a few times which slowed me down, haha! But overall it wasn't too bad.
It ran true to size (you have plenty of wriggle room with a wrap which is great!). Ahh, relax and enjoy the concept of NO fitting. :)

One thing that I didn't get satisfactory was hemming the overlap on the back pieces. Since it's on the bias it went all ripple-y and ugly when I did a folded hem!

Yuck! But I figured, "it's on the back, sooo... I can live with it".
Then when I saw this photo, I was like, "Yay! You can't even tell!"

But the camera was lying. You totally CAN tell. Eew!

Next time I hem a bias edge I'll try some tips my friends gave me on Twitter. I must try a walking foot (oh no, more gadgetry to buy!). But at least the hem of the skirt looks good!

Actually, even with my additional screw ups, I found it took quite a bit longer than I thought! It's a simple pattern, but there are actually lots of pieces, and sewing all the straight lines on the ties, turning them out, adding in pockets, all took time. The pockets are worth it though. Pockets are great!!

Pockets. Are. Great.
I didn't have any helper to level the hem, so I ended up standing in front of a mirror and eyeballing where to level it out. I'm not convinced it's worth it for such a casual skirt, but I dunno, uneven hems just bug me. I dream of having a sewing neighbour who can pop over for five minutes to level hems! Wouldn't that be a dream??

Interlude: When I went to get pictures, there was a hedgehog on my lawn! HI LITTLE GUY!!!! :D

His name is Buttons and he's a fan of Tilly. *nods*.

I noticed the Miette cardigan sits just above my waist which means it doesn't interfere with the Miette skirt's waistband. I dont know if that makes it weird looking but I'M WEARING MY MIETTE WITH MY MIETTE AND YOU CAN'T STOP MEEEE...ahem. I'm sorry, but I get really carried away when it comes to being matchy-matchy.

So I thought I'd better do a classic Tilly pose, or my best attempt at it:

Haha! And back to classic Jo:

Oh, and I get weirdly wrinkles just below the waistband at the back- this wierd pose shows it off:

It doesn't bother me as it's just a casual skirt, but I'm thinking it's related to my swayback or generous derriere, or both. No one will notice, and if they do, I'll just Tilly-pose them to death.

I think the cardigan probably looks best undone at the front! Anyway, this is a totally cute pattern, and I want to go back in time and give it to my past self, while whispering, "Watch out for that bias edge though"!
Bring on Summer! ....What do you mean, it's the start of Winter?? :(

"Meh, who can be bothered planning seasonally."

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Not a Garment: Hedgehog Pin Cushion

So here's something I haven't done for a while: made a ridiculous craft! I really like ridiculous cute stuff, like the bunny amigurumis I made.  But this actually does have a practical purpose! I pretty much spend half my sewing time looking for my pins and I finally decided to do something about it! 
Hopefully strapping the pins to my wrist will solve that problem.

It felt nice to just do something crafty instead of garment-related.  It's so relaxing because you can just sit down, relax, and not worry about it looking flawless. All the oddness is just hand-made charm, haha.

It's made of felt, and attached to a strap with velcro on it, so it can go around the wrist. It was all hand-stitched together with embroidery thread. You can find the pattern here.

I used the same pattern I'd previously made a pincushion from, but I printed the pattern at 55% so it'd be wrist size. I added cardboard in the base for sturdiness.

Here it is with the older pincushion (which is now a total mess! haha!).
Basically I've realised that the way I sew is a totally inefficient nightmare due to my messy, disorganised space. I've been so focused on trying to make things I haven't set aside any time to work on the important non-sewing parts of sewing (definitely hints of keeping up with the Joneses I think!). And by trying to cut corners, I've made myself slower! So I'm going to try to mix more organisational stuff in with my sewing, as I desperately need it. My sewing space is the opposite of pinterest-y, shall we say!

And here is an action shot (lol):

I haven't used it yet because I haven't been sewing much lately (life getting in the way, and all that!). I will have to try and report on whether it's a good idea in practice or not. 

The slightly shocked expression almost makes me feel bad about putting pins in the wee thing though. Heh!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

A bit of Wardrobe Architecture

Have you been following Colette's wardrobe architect series? I think it's a great way to think about editing your wardrobe into something you wear and love. My current wardrobe is a mess so I really should go through it with a fine-toothed comb. While I haven't tackled that yet, I at least got inspired to make some palettes based on this post in the series.

To be honest, my palette is already pretty defined, but hey, it was a fun exercise! It helped me think about what will help bring my wardrobe together.

So here is my palette (beware I probably have the wrong names for colours, haha!):

Grey (any shade from light to dark, love it)
White or cream
Warm grey

My "nearly neutrals":

And my statement colours:
Cool, clear tones, nice and fresh thanks!

None of these are warm colours, really. I would love to wear olive green, rust, and mustard, but I just don't suit them! I don't feel good in them and I don't think they do me any favours. But I think you can wear colours like that if you keep them away from your face. I branched out recently and bought some warm camel-coloured fabric for a skirt... GASP! I want to work on bringing some more diverse shades into my palette.

Here are some palettes based on my outfits (yeah I was procrastinating doing other things, why do you ask?):

All neutrals/nearly neutrals, with a statement raspberry (though my swatch is red? lol)

Neutrals, nearly neutrals with a statement purple.

And here I had some goes at creating palettes which incorporate my usual colours with *gasp* a warm tone!

magenta, aqua, grey, *gasp* camel

burgundy, red, cream, *gasp* camel

cream, pink, blue-grey, *gasp* olive
A bit of a self-indulgent post, but what can I say, I really like thinking about colour! I hope I can get more creative about building outfits around fun colours and planning my wardrobe around it. :) Do you guys like to plan a lot around the colours you wear?