Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Simple Skirt Refashion


This skirt was made from an old dress I had. It was snug when I got it years ago,  but too small now! This was a fairly simple project so there's not too much to say- I lopped off the bodice and pieced it together to make a waistband. I of course had to remove the zip too. I then redistributed the gathers on the skirt so they'd fit the waistband, reinserted the zip, and finished the top of the skirt with the new waistband! 

Here is the original garment- saucy number right? Haha.

I feel I must apologise for the somewhat dreary photos. Winter gloom + No photography skills + Tripod and timer. Heh.

I tried a few ways of styling this. 
I didn't quite feel right with my 1940s Cardigan. I think the boatneck of my Renfrew top doesn't look too good with a deep "V" layered over top. 

My thought is that a scoop neckline is best to pair with this Cardigan. (Like I did in the first post on it.)
Yeah, this looks so much better to my eye. Less agressive shape and colour.

Side note: there are some aspects of this Cardigan I'm not entirely in love with.  I think the sleeves would have been better with more negative ease; they're a little bulky. "More negative ease!" seems to be my catchphrase when it comes to knits! 
Also, I think I need to be less lazy and get better about stabilising my button bands with ribbon. I might add that to my "to-fix" pile...
Under the cardigan, the top bunches up from movement and gives me rolls. The proliferation of bodysuits I've seen on blogs lately has me thinking I might need to jump on the Nettie bandwagon...
Imagine a clean line with no bunching!

Bunchy stomach! Not my fav look.

I think it looks better without the cardigan though I'm still slightly weirded out by the proportions of waist skirts on me.

Then I brought out this old hooded knit I have. 
Omg I always hassled the combo of red and black but now I'm wearing it more and more, oh no! 
This knit is kinda old and pilled and sad (needs a good shave, it does), but I love the style and really want to make my own knock off of it.  Someday.

This skirt was fairly straightforward.....but there was that one bit where I realised I'd stitched in the black facing the wrong way around though- I'd accidentally sewed it so the black interfacing was acting as the facing, and the facing was on the inside of the waistband.
Laziness meant I just left it on the outside, as it doesn't LOOK bad.. But I do wonder if this laziness will bite me on the backside later- is interfacing sturdy enough to stand up to the job as a facing? I hope it doesn't do anything nasty like disintegrate?!
There's one way to find out I suppose. Wear it and see. 
Had anyone ever done anything similar to that?

Waistband, with overlap and hook and eye at centre back.

The original skirt has a lining with lace attached! A cute detail I can take no credit for!

This was a pretty simple project, but I thought I'd blog it anyway. Not all sewing projects have to be fancy and impressive! This skirt does almost feel like cheating though, no hemming! Yeah!

I promise I have some legit sewing coming up though... Heh!

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