Saturday, 13 September 2014

Whoop! I OWOP'd!

OWOP is where you document yourself wearing garments made from one sewing pattern for the whole week (One Week, One Pattern!). (More details here!) This was my first time doing anything like this and gave me a glimpse into what it would be like doing something like Me-Made-May where you have to do it for a whole month. Hmm, I hate taking photos of myself so I think it would drive me crazy. Maybe one day I'll do it though.
For now, one week was more than enough!

Considering I've made the Renfrew from Sewaholic a billion times and even have a compilation page of mods done on the pattern, of COURSE I chose that pattern! I really should have a "Renfrew" tag on my blog.

I got the pics on my cellphone....SO REAL-LIFE. lol!

Day 1: Wearing unblogged skirt and merino Renfrew.
Day 1 bonus: Shots of me hanging out with crafty friends Joy and Teresa (who is wearing a Hello Kitty dress she made, hence the pointing! So amazing!!)


Day 2: At University in my corduroy Beignet and striped Renfrew (the 2nd Renfrew I ever made!)

Day 3: Hanging out in Typography class with my new letter pals. I'm wearing my Marion cardigan and another unblogged garment, whoops!
So yeah, about this unblogged Renfrew dress! I got too lazy to blog it and consider this its bloggening. Hop over to this other Renfrew dress I made and it's pretty similar. Both are the same bodice, but this one has a pleated skirt! Knit dresses are so comfy <3

Day 4: Hamming it up in drawing the body class in my floral skirt and red boatneck Renfrew. Fun fact: Wearing a beret doubles your arty-ness. 
Hilariously, I didn't realise until later that I'd preeeeeetty much composed an identical outfit two days in a row. Red + black + floral. Haha, WHOOPS! I have been wearing my black tights a loooot because they're thick merino and nothing keeps me as warm when I want to wear skirts! I wish for more cozy tights like this but I've only found them sold in black :(

Day 5: My other Renfrew dress! Worn with my Blackberry cardigan at uni again.
Fun fact, these tights are size Extra Tall. Even though I fit into a size average by the chart on the package, these are STILL not long enough! The crotch hung around halfway down my thighs all day and was supremely irritating, what the HECK, Columbine?? I just want cool colourful tights :(
Awesomely though, one of the fashion teachers complimented my cardigan and said it was "very contemporary". A compliment from a fashion teacher is surely the highest honour! Haha!

Day 6: Selfie! Hanging around home in my cozy cowl-neck Renfrew with jeans. This thing is soo soft, I love it.

Day 7: Looking knackered after a day of work. My striped Renfrew again, worn with my pleated skirt.
This skirt is nice (and I got complimented, hooray!), but it attracts all the lint and dust in the world, and I really wished it had pockets all day. So maybe I'll remake it sometime. Dammit, it's so practical I'll probably never get around to it!

Wow, so that was my first OWOP! It wasn't too hard, but I hate getting photos, so it was a challenge. My love for Renfrew is well-documented, and it's really easy to wear every day. Hope you guys enjoyed a look into my life, you sick voyeurs, you!! (I'm joking!!).
Thanks for hosting Jane! And thanks Tasia for creating such an awesome, versatile pattern :D

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