Saturday, 24 January 2015

Birthday Polka Dots! La Slyphide, again!

You guys, I had the best birthday this year! And I made this dress just in time to wear it on said occasion! Hmm, combining nearly all my favourite things. Dresses, pink, polka dots, and bows. What could be better? I've already made this dress twice before, but one more couldn't hurt. This is a delightful silk cotton blend that my dear sewing friend who blogs at A Charm of Magpies convinced me to get, and she was SO RIGHT.

Speaking of friends, I went out for lunch with my friends, and I'm so glad that I have friends now! Is that weird? Well, when I was so sick with CFS/ME (for 10 years), I had no social life, and I guess it's still pretty novel for me, even 3 years after recovering. Heh. I'm at the point now where I feel like an honest-to-goodness real person in the world. Spooky! Anyway, I digress. Pretty clothes.

I neglected to get close ups of the fabric, but I hope you can see the polka dots! I went with buttons to match the yellow dots. So cute! I don't normally do contrast buttons but here they are just right, I think.

Oh! And I also swapped out the usual semi-circular skirt for a gathered A-line. I always use the same one from New Look 6799, cos I don't want to reinvent the wheel! But I use the largest size, for more fullness. ALWAYS more fullness. More fullness, more bows, and more pink please. Also, less bias on the skirt means it's easier to hem, hooray!

Back view and OMG shoulder blades

As you can see, we are finding sun here in Wellington, which is a nice change, so I got out my ridiculously floppy hat.


I don't have a bunch to say about this pattern, having made it a few times already! Hooray for no fitting! One thing that still bugs me when I make it though, is how you have to clip right into the seam at the neckline at the collar to get everything sitting right. Eeeeeew, I hate clipping that close, it makes me feel like it's going to fray to pieces, so I shoved some Fray Stoppa stuff on there (it's this liquid you apply and it stops it fraying. It's my paranoid crutch). I know Sonya mentioned she hates this too recently, so I'm not alone!! 

One other thing I've noticed (I think this has happened on all three makes), is that when top-stitching the placket, the top (uninterfaced) layer wants to bubble a bit, like it's longer than the fused placket underneath. The placket is just turned under, not seamed on with a separate pattern piece. I'm not sure what causes it, but I'm thinking it could be some of these:

-my machine just wants to feed the bottom layer through faster because it's a jerk like that
-maybe the different weights of the top and bottom layer exacerbate the above process?
-the interfacing shrunk the fabric a little when fusing it?

Anyway, I managed to ease it in without puckers, but I'm just curious why it happens!

Requisite "I have a bow" photo:


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